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    Everything Lego, especially Lego Technic/Mindstorms EV3, Everything Automotive (mostly sports and supercars, but especially Japanese tuners and drift cars) , MineCraft, Forza, Megaman, Initial D, going to parks, traveling, and having fun with family.


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  1. Here's another link I just found.
  2. I think I'll research more on an BuWizz. It would be great for one of my future projects (a drift car).
  3. Can someone give me a link to the box inside pictures or is that not allowed?
  4. I bet it took you five minutes to figure that pun out.
  5. Where can I find some more leaks?
  6. Where is the 20t clutch gear? Is it the blue gear in the leaked pictures? (The pics that of course I'm not showing)
  7. I love how Lego is going to release that swirly orange piece. Now gearboxes can have more gears with less space! Can't wait until Sariel makes one with it.
  8. Amazing! It looks and drives like an actual buggy, and it has great power too. Is BuWizz worth getting, or do you think I should get an SBrick?
  9. Has anyone noticed that in one of the pictures showing the building process that the cross axle with end stop is placed differently on top of the shock absorber for both sides? Is it supposed to be that way?
  10. I hope that it's all-wheel-drive. Just saw pictures of the building process, and there are loads of blue gears (BLUE?!) and that orange swirly piece is definitely new. Also, did anyone notice the tailights being held in with minifigure stud-shooters? Whatever Lego worker that somehow got this set releasing these leaks is totally getting fired.
  11. I'll remove the picture. I saw the rear of the box though on Didumos' Bricksafe, and it looked amazing.
  12. Cool! This is one of the most compact six wheeler Technic builds I have ever seen, and it does great off-road too, it would put my Lexus GX EV3 to shame.
  13. Can someone please tell me where the box's rear has been leaked? Everyone here is saying there is a lot more leaks out but the only one I can find on the internet is the front box leak. I've also noticed that the area between the door and the front fender seems quite off in the picture. And what's the deal with Lego making the side mirrors out of panels again?!
  14. StudRobotics

    [WIP] Lexus LC500

    Just came back from vacation yesterday (it was only for two nights, but it was fun) and finished the front axle and steering. It took me many tries to build and I finally got the result I was looking for. There is also a picture of the brick-built engine I made about a week ago.
  15. Cool car! I actually like its rear, especially with the detailed exhausts. I think that "Rojo" should be the name of the car, since it is red and it looks Lamborghini-esque (all of their cars' names are in Spanish).