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  1. miobricks

    Powered Up - A tear down...

    Hi, I thought I would try @Mr Hobbles node.js library to control pup trains, and happy to report it works. I don’t have the color sensor, so at the moment it is just start and stop at an interval. But I like the ability to do smooth starts and stops. See video:
  2. Looks really awesome! Don't have time to build it in the near future, but would definitely build it when I have a chance.
  3. O i see, yes it is because of roll off the edge. I think what I really saw in your photo is the side window area above the doors looks too tall, and that is because the window actually doesn't go all the way up to roof because the roll off the edge. Hahaha, sorry if my rambling above makes no sense
  4. Love the bodywork, especially in the overhead shot, the curvy part where the rear window meets the spoiler. Very creative use of the part On the other shot, showing rear / side view, the roof looks a bit high. but maybe it is just the photo angle.
  5. Really awesome entires, good luck everyone. Here are my vote: 22: 10 9: 6 18: 4 1: 3 15: 2 4: 1
  6. Really cool, I will be following this to see how you build the bodywork and hopefully learn a thing or two What is your build process, do you plan things out on LDD or do you just build directly on bricks?
  7. Thanks Everyone! Thanks! At the rate it is going now, it will be while before it is finished and then instructions follows after I am open for changing the suspension later, however it is not a priority at the moment. But hey, that is what modular builds are for, you can easily take the front and rear axle modules out at a later stage and make changes and put it back in. Yes I agree, now that I can actually pick up the chassis I noticed that section needs more work. Also the side parts are still a bit flimsy. Still thinking how to progress, it is all about the trade off: modularity vs. robustness Yes, more sedans please Cool, so when you say the transmission might be too far back, you meant the transmission stick? I will keep an eye on it.
  8. miobricks

    [MOC] Aliens M577 APC

    Found it! So I see my mistake is I thought the turret somehow has motorised wheels that move on the track and that is how it moves. But actually (correct me if I am wrong) there is still a track but the whole turret is kind of "pulled" by the beams/liftarms under the track. And does the micromotor control the rotation of the turret?
  9. Latest update on my project: Completed the rear axle module, the idea is to match the dimensions and more importantly to match spring positioning of the front, so the hardness and the travel of the rear suspension matches the front: P1190808 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr Modified the front axle module: I have increased the mounting points from 2 to 4 points, this improves the robustness of the connection to the frame. Here is the upside down picture of the module: P1190807 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr Mounting the front axle module to the frame: you can see the quick release pin which clicks in to secure the module in place P1190813 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr Here my cat decides to jump in into the photoshoot: P1190823 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr Mounted the gearbox module, you can see the space for the v8 engine: P1190824 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr Engine mounted and rear axle module in place: P1190828 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr Work is now on the steering: I am trying to put HOG steering at the back, put I cannot put the connecting axle through the middle area because the gearbox has taken all the space. So I am connecting the steering rod to the steering wheel, and using extra gears to continue the connection to an axle which will run underneath the front seat to the HOG at the back of the car. This is the prototype of the steering mechanism: P1190831 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr To make things more complex, I am also thinking to have PF functions, 2x L motor for drive and servo for steering. The motors for drive will connect to the gearbox from the rear, the picture below shows 2 axles coming out from behind the gearbox. The left axle is the output axle which connects to the rear wheels, the right axle will connect to the L motors. P1190763 by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr Not sure if it will all fit nicely, will see how it goes. Also still cleaning up the lxf drawing, will share the lxf once it is clean and up to date. Thanks!
  10. miobricks

    [MOC] Aliens M577 APC

    This is so cool. My favourite feature is definitely the sliding turret. I read the description on how you did it on your website, but I still can't put my head around how i actually works . Awesome....
  11. miobricks

    [MOC] Jeep Mighty FC Concept

    I see now, I was focusing on the wrong component. Thanks, that picture really clears it up .
  12. miobricks

    [MOC] Jeep Mighty FC Concept

    Hi @Madoca 1977, your jeep looks really cool, I'm a fan! I do have a question about the 8T gear that you mentioned here. Is the driving ring (the black one) a 12T? A gap is needed, but doesn't the positioning of the clutch gear and the driving ring already provide a perfect fit? And last one, a noobie question, what colour is that 16T clutch gear? It looks white, but I checked bricklink and it doesn't come in white. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the info. The position of the gearbox in my build was inspired by the real thing (the cylinder shape sitting low behind the engine is the gearbox, isn't it?), only problem is the size of the gearbox in lego is much larger in relation to engine when compared to the real thing. See this screenshot of the design showing the gearbox connected to the back of the engine: step 3: engine and gearbox (4 speed manual transmission gearbox with h-pattern shifter) by Andy Tanuwidjaja, on Flickr The suspension, however, is way off, I might have to revisit them later.
  14. miobricks

    [MOC] Mercedes-mini with trailer

    Nice build, really clever how the gears of the cargo bay connects to the gears on the truck once it is mounted.
  15. Thanks Nice pickup on the yellow half bushes. They are nice during the design iteration because they are easy to pick apart. Once the design is finalised I'll change them to pins. The suspension module will connect to the frame using methods similar to the gearbox, there will be a protruding beam towards the bottom and it will be fixed in place using axle and yellow half bushes or using some sort of quick release pin. Of course it isn't there yet because I have yet to build it in . As for the LXF file, let me clean it up first, as it no longer reflects what has been built because I have made lots of changes on the fly during the actual build without updating the drawings.