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  1. [Will be updated frequently] Amiibo Transporting

    Any suggestions on what to add?
  2. [Will be updated frequently] Amiibo Transporting

    True, I'll just figure out how to make them recognize Amiibo tags and get them to send inputs to something.
  3. [Will be updated frequently] Amiibo Transporting

    I really like how you think. Another idea would be a list of your current passengers. Yet again, it would require modding the train. But yeah, good idea!
  4. [Will be updated frequently] Amiibo Transporting

    Yes. I will expand on it. Welcome to the Amiibo Train. Good idea.
  5. Note: This was a very basic creation. This was just made for fun. Not supposed to be something stylish. So, by finding a curved brick and then looking at my Amiibo collection, I got the idea to transport Amiibo on lego trains! If you, for some reason, decide to turn the wagon upside down, the Amiibo will still hang on! Update Changelog (Update 0: First reveal) (Update 1: Added 2 more seats Confirmed that Pixel Mario can use the seats) (Update 1.2: Small interior built Added another seat; maximum capacity is now 4) (Update 1.3: Forgot what "saftey" is Continued to build on the interior, roof is WIP) (It's just the amiibo hype train all over again :P)
  6. Hi, my name is Tir

    Hello. My name is Tir. I am from Sweden and I like Lego. How did I stumble across this site? I searched for banked Lego train tracks, and i found a post from here. The forum catched my interest, so I decided to join. So yeah, that's all I have to say. See ya on the forums.