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  1. Dankyee

    Strategy session

    The tile is from the (Series 2?) Police officer mining.
  2. Hi, can you put me under the Empire? This is DY-0424.
  3. Dankyee

    Freebuild: How to stop the Algus

    Wow, this is really incredible. I love the amount of bright colors in this build. I feel like castle builders usually feel like they have to use darker or grittier colors in their builds (I know I do) and it's very refreshing to see a bit of color in a castle build.
  4. Dankyee

    Cha V Cat B: Preparing to besiege

    Wow! This is an amazing build! I really love the way you got the grey slope piece to turn on the edge like that. And the ballista itself is just amazing.
  5. Dankyee

    Strategy session

    In Lord Jürgen's remote mountainside fortress, a strategy session is being held with two other supporters of the spire. Of course, refreshments are included! This started out as a figbarf, but I turned it into a vignette that I am actually pretty proud of! My favorite part is actually probably the bottle.
  6. Dankyee

    Hardwin's Smithy

    I really love all the foliage and the detailing in the interior, especially the bed.
  7. Thanks! Glad you like the multi colored terrain, I personally thought that I could have made it looked neater and less like I threw a bunch of earthy colors together. Oh well, there's always next time.
  8. Thanks, I wanted to make it look mobile, like it could be moved and then stuck back into the ground and held there with the chains.
  9. Location: Somewere in Nocturnus Since Lord Jürgen was tending to more important matters at the moment, he sent his Second in command to personally oversee the the building of the weapon that would help to secure the spire's place as the rightful rulers of Nocturnus. Jürgen had called it the Spire's spire, and had said that it's purpose was as a sort of portal or planar gate to allow the soldiers of the spire to quickly arrive at various strategic positions across Nocturnus. Perhaps, if all went well, they would begin to build more outside of Nocturnus.... Sorry for the poor quality of light, I'm currently photographing this stuff on an IPad.
  10. Should have my cat.B build up once Flickr starts working....
  11. Oops.. I think I may have fixed it.
  12. Dankyee

    Challenge V Sig-figs

    Feel free to use Lord Jürgen in any of your builds, as long as he is helping the spire. The only essentials are the ninjago ghost legs and the cloaks. Otherwise, feel free to interpret him any way you like, as long as he is an awesome lich Lord.
  13. Hello, I am new to GoH and very excited to join the guild of Nocturnus. I will be posting my sigfig soon! I present Lord Jürgen, of the spire. He is a loyal supporter of the spire, and is currently building up his forces to smite all who stand in his way! Sorry if the camera quality isn't that good, I'm doing this on an IPad. I am a casual builder, so I apologize if my builds are less than fantastic. I appreciate constructive criticism.