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  1. Lord Brick

    Three Musketeers En Garde!

    This is certainly a great MOC! I really love how you used the LEGO Rapier. It actually kinda funny because they're fighting with ballpoint Rapiers. Good job and keep up the good work buildin'!
  2. Hey I am interested in how you added two ports to your IFS, you said to PM but it wont let me so I figured I would let you know here. Anyways, lemme know.

  3. Lord Brick

    East India Company Trading Post

    Very nice MOC! I'm actually looking forward to creating my own EITC sets when I get enough bricks. Great Job!
  4. Lord Brick

    PC Game - Empire: Total War

    This game looks SO AWESOME! I used to play Age of Empires: III , and that was a really fun strategy game. But this one looks like it might be even better! I'm looking forward to playing this! P.S. - Thanks for the videos!
  5. Lord Brick

    [MOC/MOD] Imperial Colony "Port Marché Mediéval"

    This is really awesome! I absolutely LOVE how you mixed together the Medieval Market with the other Pirate sets. Great Job!
  6. Lord Brick

    Which is more seaworthy- Skull Eyes Schooner or Imperial Flagship

    I think both are ships are pretty much equal in terms of combat. However, the IFS's architecture allowed me to add 2 cannon ports to each side. Anyway, my vote went to the IFS. P.S. - If you want to see a picture of my IFS, PM me.
  7. Lord Brick

    Black Seas Barracuda vs Skull's Eye Schooner

    My vote goes to the SES. The reason is, in terms of combat, that the SES would be more able to sink the BSB with a well placed broadside. Though that still does not mean the SES doesn't have disadvantages. Even though the SES outguns and out-mans the BSB, the BSB is faster, maneuvers better, and has full broadsides. Still, my vote goes to the SES. P.S - I used the ESPG and some common sense to help me derive at this conclusion
  8. Lord Brick

    Which are you?

    EITC Lord.
  9. Lord Brick

    The Pickle: Now under sail

    This Is the most beautiful small ship I've ever seen! I have lots a huge ships, but not a lot of small ones. This certainly is the case where "cute" cannot be avoided. Great Job!