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    I can't figure this dating site out.

    Haha hey thanks dude I actually hope to visit Chicago one day. So far I've only been to Philly Brickfest. That shit was awesome! I should start planning little trips based on where these shows are, that would be a cool way to see the areas I want to visit plus I'd meet some likeminded peeps to show me all the best local spots. I would've found it funny if you did report it lol. Thanks a lot for the welcome! Thank you! Glad to be here. So I haven't gotten to sad over celebrity deaths but when Lemmy passed I took that pretty hard. I only got to see them live once when I was 14 and they've been in my top 5 ever since.
  2. My name is Sir Michael, I was knighted at Medieval Times in Neweth Jersey. For $30 the king knighted me in front of his subjects we then feasted on chicken and a tomato bisk. I'm 29, a Capricorn hey ladies, and I live in Brooklyn NY. I love me some sweet and sensual lego building. Polybags drive me wild. I'm also a big fan of yankee candle, just picked up this seasons new scent and my apartment is now off the chain with that lemony goodness. I started building about a year and a half ago and its grown into quite a hobby. For a while I was just buying whatever sets I could get my hands on but have since started focusing on the shit I like most which would be the really big complicated stuff, modular, large technic etc. Other than lego I don't do much else I like to hang out and drink beer. If you're close to Brooklyn let me know I'd love to meet some peeps in the lego community and make some friends with a similar hobby.
  3. Leviathan Bricks

    [MOC] Nuclear reactor maintenance

    Really cool parts in here. The color of it is also really great. Its nice to look at.
  4. Leviathan Bricks

    Lego Classic Space Monorail

    Blue, yellow and grey. Could there be a sexier color combination?
  5. Leviathan Bricks

    Rock Wrecker

    That's so cool. That whole theme was great I wish they would bring it back.
  6. Leviathan Bricks

    LL 928 M.C.V.P

    Sick! I love those tires
  7. Leviathan Bricks

    [MOC] Kazum'dar castle

    That thing sucks.... I'm just yankin your chain its dope. I personally think micro building is the hardest and requires the most creativity. I also like the fact that this micro build is fairly large. I'm so used to seeing only small 16x16 or smaller size builds, this thing is big and there's so much to it.