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  1. Bonjour from France

    Hello. Salut We are three french here 😁
  2. Hello everybody. I m sorry for not write a subjects because i am busy by my job. I present my moc concrete formwork Doka in lego technic by lego digital designer. SUE 100 doka The formwork is on track to be able to clean the formwork. What do you think? Bye Alberic
  3. Lego construction site

    Hello everybody. I am in a exhibition for present my diorama. In my city, There is a demolition site for cinema. Sorry, i don't do turn in this picture. In the future, this cinema will destroy and i create a building "Moc". What do you think?
  4. Lego construction site

    Where is this fence? Good job this scaffolding.
  5. MOC: FLat Bed Truck

    I like your moc.
  6. Lego construction site

    Hi. This is my micro diorama = construction site with scaffolding.
  7. Lego Station MOC

    Do you have ldd file please? I like style's brick of your facade.
  8. Curse of the Blue Angel

    I love your film.
  9. MOC: Modular Townhouse with Shop

    I like your moc. Can i have pictures for inside please? Thank you.
  10. MOC SWAT Truck

    Thank you for your messages. What is badass??
  11. MOC SWAT Truck

    Hello everybody, I present to my "my own creation" = Swat truck. Swat in action Swat in my city, hostage taking in cinema. Swat in action, hostage taking in airport. Pictures for detail = What do you think ?
  12. MOC Modular Construction Site

    Very congragulation for project. I love your site of construction. How Do you do after the decisions is negatif ? I present a diorama for site of construction of skyscraper in evolution.
  13. Hi my Name is Alberic

    Thank you very much. I m sorry for to write a subjects because my computer have a problem.
  14. Hi my Name is Alberic

    Hi, My name is Alberic. I'm 23 years old. I drive a forklilft by Leroy Merlin, this is a DIY store. I am afol since 2013. I love the lego city police, swat, construction site. I live in France. I have already participated in 14 lego exhibition in france. I love To create a moc. I am sorry for my writing not English at all. I speak a little English. I registered on this forum to expanded my network afol. I should like to present a only diorama in lego to represent a construction site of a skyscraper. Thank you for your welcome. Here is my collection my city and my construction of site =