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  1. The_Ceaser

    Future Pirates Speculation

    I wouldn't mind some soldiers with white uniforms. The troops with white uniforms and tricorns would look like the Kingdom of France's 18th century uniforms and white uniforms with shakos would be like Austrian uniforms. Along with that I would love some grenadiers with bearskins. Though all this is just coming from a history fan's point of view.
  2. The_Ceaser

    Jean Pier-Prolouge

    There's a chance the combo has been used before, it is two pretty common pieces
  3. The_Ceaser

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Personally I think that the 30 year anniversary should include all the past factions, armada, bluecoats, redcoats, islanders, and pirates all racing for some sort of treasure. But that may be a bit unrealistic.
  4. The_Ceaser

    Jean Pier-Prolouge

    Well it happens I already have one, just didn't realize I could transfer it over, thanks for letting me know.
  5. The_Ceaser

    Jean Pier-Prolouge

    On the shores of Corlean a young man lives. He stands on edge of his estate as the waves collide upon the stone covered shore. The Corlean flag whips along with his hair with it's blue and red color's shining in the glory of daylight. Suddenly a man walks behind him, with the same long brown hair. "Jean" his father Michael says, a deep voice one from many years on the fields of battle. "So, you found me" he says with dismay. "Well Son, I've known you since you were born, and I also know this is where you go to get things off your mind." "I don't think you'll want to know." "You've gotten all your daily work done early, and that's defiantly not your status quo" the young man turns around, at this point ready to admit the truth tired of holding it in. "Back in school I started to feel a patriotic sense of duty, one to Olean, just like my brother Charles felt, and just like you felt" his father takes in a deep breath to take in the new info and with that formulates a response. "You're finally going to do your service for King and Queen" he says with slight dismay. "I knew you'd say something like that, after all you were a Hussar back in your day, so why all the protest?" he says with a sudden flare of emotion. "Because it's hard for a man from Corlean to fight when he doesn't truly know his loyalty" as he looks at his son, timidly. "But I truly know that my loyalty lies with Olean, and I'm willing to do my service for King Phillip!" he says with pride looking up at the flag. "Well, you are a grown man, and if Charles can go so can you, so if you think this will be good for us Leroux's, now go and gain us some honor" his father says putting his hand on Jean's shoulder. "Thank you father" Jean says as he walks inside to get his stuff. "To think I was just like him once, just pray he doesn't end up like me" he says looking out at the seas, and the shores of the peninsula, that same one that's swallowed so many lives, and hides many secrets.
  6. In the costal city of Corleon, named for being a mix of Corrington and Oleon due to it's history a young man named Jean Pier Deroux lives, as seen here with his family's crest and city's flag. Born into a family of small nobility he went to school to learn about archeology and the history of Corleon. During this time he came to love his heritage and duty to his country and so he joined the army to his father's dismay hoping to make a difference and bring his country to new glories. Now Captain Leroux commands an Infantry Regiment in the name of King Philip I and his glory! (Sorry for the size of the image, I wasn't able to get a bigger one)