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  1. So good! Now I want to watch the movie again...
  2. Lego Mecha Models

    I recommend you to download a Japanese phone app called PlusL. It's a marketplace where people post their instructions for alternative builds using official Lego sets. Being a Japanese app, you can imagine how many amazing mechs they have available. Here's how the app works: people post pictures of their MOCs and others can vote them. If a pic gets enough votes, the creator gets to post the instructions and people can buy them. They are not too expensive and some are totally worth it. Plus they tell you the specific sets you need to buy in order to build what they are showing you. PlusL on iOS PlusL on Android
  3. Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" MOCs

    Hi guys! Extremely sorry for updating this thread so late. New pics at the end of this post, and responding to the last couple of comments: So sorry to leave you waiting for an answer! The head is from the Karl Mordo minifig in (76060) Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum. I will send you a DM just in case you don't see this response. I know it sucks to ask for help when you're trying to build a minifig and not getting it! Thankee for your kind words, Sai! I am very advanced in the last book (my first read) and I have already built more scenes. I will just link them, because I don't want to spoil anything. I'll say the book they're from and leave the link to my Tumblr. III. The Wastelands Shardik Attacks! V. Wolves of the Calla The Ka-Tet The Wolves Andy (Many other functions) More to come soon!!
  4. Lego hair pieces

    @cebelicamya we love you so much for keeping this thread updated! That new hair for Rey looks horrible, at least in that pic and from that angle! But new hair molds always get me excited so I can't wait to see it from different angles. The new hair pieces from the Ninjago Movie are all amazing. Thank god they're not too difficult/expensive to get. Most can be found on the CMF...I think I'm only missin Cole's with the tied bandana.
  5. Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" MOCs

    Two new pictures! The first one is a teaser of the scene I'm currently working on. The second, my way to celebrate that we finally have a trailer for the movie! You know how it goes: "The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."
  6. I guess it depends on if TLG can or wants to recycle them. I've seen parts be released in CMF series first and recycled in later sets, either in the same color or different ones. For instance, the hair for the Zombie businessman (my favorite hair piece) will be used in one of the villains from the new Ninjago movie in a new color (black). I visited the Lego store in London last week and the staff is so damn sweet. They help you find the minifigs you want! Be sure to ask them...if you want certain figures just tell them they're the ones you're missing and they'll help you. The French guy is extremely easy thanks to the bread and the dog. For the vet you gotta look for the rabbit and the hair piece. And for the chef, she has a hat and a pie.
  7. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    These sets are outstanding! My main aim is to get all the new hairstyles, but there's a few buildings I really wanna get too!
  8. LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    I couldn't take pictures at the London Leicester store, as it was way too crowded...but there were definitely a few different pieces. Most of the torsoes were boring, mainly from City minifigures and the same goes for the heads. They had the Jekyll/Hyde one, and the one from the Pirate from CMF. They had the paint palette and the Tower card (my favorite piece and totally appropriate since I'm building MOCs based on "The Dark Tower") but did not have the cobra. I'm thinking it may be that they had already been taken/sold out. But I think that the pieces in your pictures are way more exciting and useful than the ones I found in London.
  9. Ugh, I hate you guys! You're already enjoying them while I'll have to wait for a week or two until they are finally distributed in my city...
  10. @TheBigRedCheese no worries! Thank you for trying to help. I ended up finding it thanks to another fellow forum member. It's the ballistic mask from Modern Brickfare. Already ordered it and a few other pieces.
  11. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    You don't know how much I love you, sir. Thank you SO much!
  12. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I started a thread but nobody seemed able to help and I'm kinda desperate. Can you guys recognize the helmet used in this custom? The guy who did it does not respond...
  13. What was the last movie you watched?

    For a Fistful of Dollars....again!
  14. The Greatest Collectible Minifigure THANKS AND GOODBYE

    I just voted the lumberjack. All of its parts are really useful and I believe he was the first minifig to get a more detailed axe, which was the reason that made me buy it.
  15. HA! Another Bloodborne fan! That's what I've been saying...I don't care about the secrecy, this is my favorite minifig from the whole series and probably from the last few, too...as it reminds me so much of my favorite videogame, Bloodborne! I've actually made a few custom hunters using mostly purist parts! I shared one of them on the forum by the way.