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  1. [MOC] [LDD] [WIP] Millennium Falcon

    I think some modified plates should be used, to account for greebling.
  2. [MOC] [LDD] [WIP] Millennium Falcon

    Holy kriff! That's some pretty impressive SNOT work!
  3. [MOC][Custom] T-60 Starspeeder

    I absolutely love this! It's a really good concept, and your backstory makes perfect sense. I can easily see this as a more maneuverable alternative to the BTL-S3 Y-Wing (the two-seater). My only critique is that it seems a bit too streamlined. Incom Corporation's products were often very angular. Take a look at the Z-95, T-47, UT-60D, and – of course – the T-65; you'll start to see some common design themes. However, I don't think this detracts from the model at all! Just something to consider for future updates.
  4. [MOC] T-65 X-wing Starfighter

    Honestly, the most impressive thing about this MOC is the Laser Cannons! You've finally managed to replicate the curved section at the tip in system scale!
  5. [MOC/MOD] Baktoid/Haor Chall HMP Droid Gunship

    Yeah, I plan to replace that with something else once I find a good rear view of the HMP. I think the disc needs to be bigger overall, too.
  6. [MOC/MOD] Baktoid/Haor Chall HMP Droid Gunship

    Thank you for your compliments! I have updated the moc with more appropriate colours. I also corrected the number and position of the missile pods.
  7. Wow, first real post here! This is my modification of TLG's 75042 Droid Gunship, in an attempt to make it more film-accurate. List of Modifications: - removed play features such as dropping bombs and spring launchers - slimmed down light laser cannons on winglets - changed main laser cannon to add articulation and increase accuracy - added additional pieces to front to cover gaps between ball turrets and nose - added more accurate payload on underside of disc - removed cockpit hinge, filled details appropriately Here's a view of the whole thing. Off to the side, you can see the original cockpit section, which can be easily installed As a little bonus, you can open it to reveal the HMP's Droid Brain! In canon, nearly all of the Confederacy's space and ground "vehicles" were actually independently-controlled droids. However, many games portray them as vehicles with onboard pilots, so you can easily remove the droid brain, as it is only attached via the front two studs. Above is a close-up of the droid brain. The image below shows the improved payload of missiles. Let me know what you think! I'm planning to make more accurate versions of other ships as well, so let me know what you'd like to see next!
  8. [LDD MOCs] Brickdoctor's 2012 Star Wars Advent Calendar

    Hi Brickdoctor! The files provided all give me an "Unable to load file" error in LDD. Do you have another link to the files?