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  1. Sachabricks

    Hy, my name is Sacha :)

    Thank you :)
  2. Sachabricks

    How I sort and store my collection

    Thank you very much Andy D. ? That topic is awesome! ???? Sorry that I haven't seen that before. ?
  3. Sachabricks

    How I sort and store my collection

    I'm sorry for not mentioning that... I seem to be a little chaotic about it! ? I used to sort my bricks and pieces by similar parts... but as my collection grew bigger and bigger I had to change. So at the moment I'm sorting by color. I've got bricks and plates sorted by color and then I've got many different pieces which are sorted as I think I can find them easily... normal tiles, printed tiles, flowers and plants, windows and doors, tires, car pieces, ship pieces, etc. I hope that makes it a bit more clear! ?
  4. I always had a hard time finding the right system to sort and store my LEGO. As a child it was easy, since I did not care about every single piece too much or if I didn't find the right piece immediately. But as an adult I always wanted to build things myself and to store the bricks in a way that I could find everything fast and comfortable. ? I though, maybe it is helpful for some of you guys to see how I sorted my stuff... ? Here are some pictures about my system! My current collection is at around 85'000 pieces, just to give you an idea... ? These are drawers from amazon called IRIS (essy to find) and they come in very different shapes. Mine have 12 drawers but the are also ones with only 10 or less. The smaller boxes are from a local DIY-Store and what I like about them is, that they are made from plastic, which means they are very light. My most used figures are just put onto some 32x32 or 16x32 plates for easy access. And as you can see my "city" and the place where I shoot my pictures is limited but still more than enough. Currently I use my new Foldio2 Lightbox which makes shooting so much easier. ??? If you have any questions or additions, just share them! ? I'm glad to here from you! ? Sacha Edit: Sorry for the missing pictures... ?
  5. Sachabricks

    Hy, my name is Sacha :)

    Thanks, Slegengr! ??? I hope to be able to participatein some contests and as you said contribute to the forum! ?
  6. Sachabricks

    Hy, my name is Sacha :)

    Hello everybody! :) I'm new to Eurobricks as a member but followed some discussions before already. I'm 33 yo, from Switzerland and I'm always on the hunt for fellow AFOL's and inspiration for photos or MOC's or just the latest News... ;) I had a big collection of LEGO years ago as a child and found my passion for LEGO again at the end of 2015. I then started an Instagram-Account called sachabricks where I share some of my photos of my figures and some builds :) Of course, feel free to check it out! :) --> I also try to post some of my MOC's here or maybe some shots about my storage system... Additionally I'm happy to help, if I can... ;) Sacha