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  1. GuitarNine

    [MOC] Twentieth century music

    I like the red base - keep it.
  2. GuitarNine

    [MOC] Schenker Flying V Guitar

    No, even though you can string it, it's still just a show piece.
  3. Hugely inspired by seeing Modulex Guy's Flying V last week in this forum, I did my take on it. I always liked the Rudolph Schenker (Scorpions) / Michael Schenker (UFO) Flying V - Half Black, Half White - so my "paint job" reflected that esthetic. Pardon the photo quality - that is not in my skill set, but here they are - entirely of LEGO pieces - 13 hours start to finish - I had all the pieces and Modulex's photos to steer the design and scale (most important part). Another...