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  1. Revilosekraps

    System requirements for studio2

    Hi Johnny yeah that info I had read but was more concerned about the processor in order to render the image, I’ve ordered a laptop in the last 5 mins and have opted for the i7 so I should be okay :)
  2. Revilosekraps

    System requirements for studio2

    I’m on the hunt for a laptop and I’m struggling to find the system requirements for studio2 I'm liking the HP Envy x360 but unsure if I should go for the i5 or i7
  3. Revilosekraps

    [MOC] Triceratops

    I'd love this is my collection
  4. Revilosekraps

    MOC - friendly Ferrari Italia Spyder

    I really would love to build this, any possibility of the LXF file ?