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  1. A little hard to see in the image, but I am having problems rendering face decals. Most of it renders fine, but the top part appears to have chunks missing. Has any one else had this problem and if so can it be fixed?
  2. LegoPerson885

    The Blood Kelp Zone (Subnautica)

    This MOC is a recreation of the Blood Kelp biome from Subnautica. Features include: Prawn Suit, ampeel, blood crawlers, blood kelp, quartz, and other things you would find while exploring this area in the game. This is also a LEGO Ideas project so if you are intrigued support would be greatly appreciated: More images below:
  3. LegoPerson885

    LEGO Scooby Doo CMF wishlist!

    The Phantom Virus, my childhood favorite Scooby Doo villain, is my only request/wish.
  4. LegoPerson885

    Stephen King Displays

    With the release of the IT movie, I decided to make a few displays depicting scenes from Stephen King books. The displays are based off of scenes from IT, the Shawshank Redemption, The Shining, and Misery. Minifigures consist of George Denbrough, Pennywise, Andy Dufresne, Red, Paul Sheldon, Annie Wilkes, Jack Torrance, and Wendy Torrance.
  5. Oh dear, my wallet is going to suffer. This has to be the most detailed, massive, and accurate set Lego has every released. It's almost the size of that guy's body! Going to have to save up a lot of money for this one.
  6. I recently purchased "The Lego Batman Movie: Making of the Movie". It has concept art, goes behind the scenes, and has alternate designs for the minifigures and vehicles seen in the movie. I definitely recommend it since I feel it is aimed at an older audience than some of the other Lego Batman Movie books. Some of the alternate minifigure and vehicle designs shown in this book were outstanding and others were monstrosities. Below are a few alternate villain designs I would have preferred. This Scarecrow design is unique and creepy and I love the scarf piece he has. His torso print is pretty basic, but the fear gas shooter makes up for it. The scarecrow minifigure we got is cool, but this one looks so much scarier. I really do appreciate the nod to the classic Lego crocodile in the Killer Croc big figure we got, however, this design is awesome. Maybe it is just because I am an Arkham Asylum game fan, but I think his face and collar make him feel more like Killer Croc than the current version. I wish they would have at least kept the bandages on the official Lego version. This Two-Face design looks like someone set fire to a classic Lego minifigure, I love it. I'm not a huge fan of the Two-Face minifigure we got, I do like how it is Billy Dee, however. This design, though would have me paying the $60 for that set. Oh and in case anybody was wondering about the Joker's alternate designs, believe me they are horrendous. So what do you guys think of these designs, do you prefer them to the current minifigures?
  7. After getting one of the "brickheadz" I thout it would be fun to make some of my own. I have created a Two-Face and Riddler brickhead each based off of their Lego Batman Movie design. I paired these two because of Batman Forever. Two-Face was pretty fun to make. I tried to capture his melted half by exposing some studs and using lots of pink pieces. I also added eye details and the bit of underwear showing on his leg. 121 pieces Riddler turned out decent as well, I thought. His hair is not spot on, but I was able to give his hat a tilt. I aslo added question marks on his green suit. 119 pieces If you wish to support these on Lego Ideas please go here: It would be very much appreciated.
  8. LegoPerson885

    What LEGO should make for a third wave of Batman Movie sets in 2018

    Lego is making a third wave of Lego Batman Movie sets? I'm guessing we will get Harley's truck and Egghead's mech since those both appeare to be already made sets in the Making of the Movie book. As far as sets and minifigures I would like to get, I think the Two-Face semi is a great idea. I would also like Wayne manor and maybe an extension to the batcave. If we get another minifigure series I would love to see Hugo Strange, Clock King, Gentleman Ghost, Condiment King, Lazlo, Pilot Joker, and Soccer Mom.
  9. LegoPerson885

    Alternate Lego Batman Movie Villain Designs

    Yeah, that would've been cool. The eyes definitely would have been more menacing. Just curious, how did you swap heads? I don't have the Killer Croc figure so I don't know how it works.
  10. LegoPerson885

    Alternate Lego Batman Movie Villain Designs

    I really do love the official Lego designs. I think they fit the fun feel to the movie very well. These are just some designs that really caught my eye when looking through the book. And yes, I hope these do influence future DC set minifigure designs.
  11. LegoPerson885

    CMF Series 18 guessing game!

    1) Male Elf Warrior (counterpart to Female elf warrior in series 17) 2) Guy in a carrot suit 3) Butcher (counterpart to Pastry Chef in series 17) 4) Female Mime (counterpart to the male mime from series 2) 5) Spooky Father (to go along with the spooky boy and girl) 6) Coal Miner 7) Another Gamer Kid (new headphone to hair mold and some modern video game reference on shirt) 8) Comic book collector 9) Basketball Player 10) Alien Queen 11) Lunch Lady (goes along with janitor from series 15) 12) Female Astronaut 13) Male Swimmer 14) Nymph 15) Troll 16) Luchador