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  1. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    My U-Wing arrived the other day, 42.90 Euro from Amazon (50.90 minus 8 euros I still had from a gift card). It's my first Lego SW ship, and it was a very fun build! I also love Rogue One and I'm happy I got the two main characters. I'll probably buy the U-Wing microfighter to get the correct pilot minifig; I'm also thinking about bricklinking a #4163986 plate to replace the grey plate on the right wing, which kinda ruins the design to me.
  2. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Just ordered the U-Wing, as I don't think it will ever get as cheap as it is now in Italy. I'll probably buy the Y-Wing later in the year.
  3. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Thanks everyone for the replies and welcome messages! The review really helped and I decided not to buy the Jedi Interceptor for now. I started my Lego journey by buying Rey's Speeder and Carbon Freezing-Chamber because I didn't know how else I could use an Amazon coupon I got for my birthday. As a newbie I'm mostly excited by three things: 1) iconic minifigs 2) iconic scenes 3)iconic vehicles I really like Rey, Boba Fett and Han Solo so I blindly went for those two sets on Amazon; I also got the recent Imperial Trooper Battle Pack while shopping in a general store cause I just couldn't live those nice Death/Stormtroopers on the shelves! My current "budget plan" is getting just one medium sized ship and the going on with smaller sets until the TLJ wave arrives: as for the medium sized ship I can't decide among the U-Wing (50 euro in Italy), the Y-Wing (65 euro) and the two X-Wing from TFA (80 euro each). The U-Wing for that price is really an awesome deal; I love Rogue one, watched it twice at the cinema, and I love the U-Wing in both the movie and the Battlefront DLC; still, there's something off in the design of the Lego version, it looks awesome with open wings but "odd" with closed wings; then again, it contains the two main characters minifigs which I really love, and sadly there's no Rogue One set in the summer wave so I'll probably end up buying the U-Wing anyway in the future. As I'm writing this I already feel the urge to open Amazon and buy it
  4. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Hello, I'm kinda new to the Lego Star Wars world; I've been visiting local toy stores/general stores/malls to check eventual sales or retired products. The only retired product (at least from the official Lego Shop) I found was Obi-wan's Jedi Interceptor (75135) at its italian RRP of € 29.99. The ship looks cool to me, and I don't have an Obi-Wan minifig yet, but the thing that keeps me from getting it so far is the price. On the italian Amazon I could get the more recent Tie Striker and the U-Wing for 45 and 50 euro respectively. The things that makes me want it are the fact that I'll probably won't see it anymore on the shelves soon, and that I like Obi-Wan. So, what's the general opinion about this set? I've only read some complaints about the R4 minifig sticking out too much from the ship.