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  1. OmegaTom

    Balancing Robots

    added: - Improved PID parameters (derivative terms) - IR remote control - basic middle motor support driving a simple arm to test the control performance under variable physical conditions current performance: see significant load change: see future plan: LQR controller
  2. OmegaTom

    Balancing Robots

    Just improved the PID contoller part: now including: setpoint weighting, derivative filtering and anti-windup --> improved stability for setpoint change (robot speed) PID derivative term now ready to be used for optimization (currently not used) ... will try to come up with a working parameter set soon ;)
  3. Hi, you will find a robotC code for the balancing problem on (combined with a line follower and some more optional stuff) I have used a 'new' approach. The original LEGO solution (education set) is using a simple linear combination of the robot speed/position and the gyro rate/angle to balance the robot. This solution is quite senitive to calibration and mechnaical aspects of the robot. Laurens ( has enhanced this solution by introducing a single PID control loop for the same linear combination. This improves the stability significantly but still there are limitations in optimizing the control loop. My approach is using 4 parallel PID controllers ... one for each parameter seperately. On github you will find a readme that explains the basic idea (and the balancing problem in general) in more detail... this implementation gives a lot more room to play with different parameter sets ... and I am sure that there are some robot fans out there that will come up with nice optimizations ;) feel free to play with my code and improve it ...