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  1. I was wondering if anyone has tried exporting files from and importing them into Blender and if you were successful. The main reason I use LDraw is to create stuff I use in Blender, and looks interesting. But if it doesn't work with Blender there is no point in me using it. Also, if I get around to creating LDraw parts and I use, then I wouldn't be able to use those either? I read that uses the LDraw libraries so it should work... Thanks!
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    Hello Everyone! I'm from the Northern Virginia area of the United States, and I've always enjoyed legos. Growing up my family didn't have game systems and stuff like that so I spent a lot of time playing outside or playing with legos, linkin logs, play mobils, etc. My current interest in Legos is in the 3D animation realm. I have a YouTube channel (with the same username) that has some tutorials specifically on the Lego minifigure. Blender has a big learning curve and I have limited spare time so it is slow going. I hope to find some people who have common interests and maybe work with.