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  1. Hi there fellow LEGO fans! I've been procrastinating this for months but I finally started updating my BrickLink store and I have a few items for sale here. An assortment of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and other themed minifigure heads, torso assemblies, and accessories are all up for sale. I would prefer to sell this as a lot for around $40-$50, which would price each item at a bit less than $1 while many of these parts belong to rare figures priced much higher. If you are interested in particular items, I would also not mind breaking up this lot. If interested, contact me via private message or email. ( Additionally, stop by my BrickLink store! :)
  2. AlexScammer

    Desert Eagle 2.0

    Oh man, I wish! I don't want to spend a lot of money on golden bricks. I only have 18 2x2 bricks, that's it!
  3. AlexScammer

    Desert Eagle 2.0

    I've finished the second version of this gun. My neighbours said - very recognizable It really is 2.0, because I changed so many things and designs. I added longer mags, 2 new mods, and reloading option. It isn't actual reloading, but it looks like it. I edited the picture so it looks like the gun is a bit faded/scratched. USED! lol Desert Eagle 2.0 by burnedTart, on Flickr Enjoy, faves on Flickr and add me!
  4. AlexScammer

    Desert Eagle 1.0

    Yay! So this is my second pistol I've ever made, and I really want to say... Uhh... Don't get your hopes up on this one. This was finished yesterday, and today, which is a day off, I am already finished with 2.0 model which has some moving parts, mods and everything. So be ready, be on the lookout, enjoy!! Desert Eagle 1.0 by burnedTart, on Flickr ~ Alex. ;)
  5. AlexScammer

    Glock 1.0

    Yeah, I guess it's because the trigger hole is too big.
  6. AlexScammer

    Glock 1.0

    I thought this is the best place for my gun to be. The gun is very loose and the reason for that is because the handle is 2 studs thick and the barrel is 3 studs thick. I wanted to make them both 4 studs thick, but something told me not to. Comments and Faves on Flickr are welcomed! GLOCK 1.0 by burnedTart, on Flickr - Alex. P.S. This is the first version of the gun without any moving parts, removable mags, etc. P.S.S. Please tell me what needs to be fixed.
  7. AlexScammer

    MAC Program

    I was wondering if there is any program on mac that helps you get all of your photos together to make a movie like Windows Movie Maker. I only have a regular camera, which means I have to take photos first and then get them together. I tried using iMovie, but the lowest timing of every image comes out like 0.5 sec. Thank you, Alex.
  8. AlexScammer

    Batman's Mask Comparison

    This is off topic, but the link to my store is in my signature.
  9. AlexScammer

    Batman's Mask Comparison

    Hmm, didn't see these... Which TRU did you check?
  10. AlexScammer

    Batman's Mask Comparison

    I am very sorry, I was just saying that I cleared out most of tru in south Florida to have some kinda monopoly on these sets. You know what I mean? I wasn't trying to advertise my store or anything. And no, I am not giving them away. Not yet anyway.
  11. AlexScammer

    Category A and Category B winners

    Congrats the winners! I thought I was going for the win, oh well And also, can we find out which place we're on, or the number of votes, comparing to the others? Thank you!
  12. AlexScammer

    Batman's Mask Comparison

    That was my morning loot (20), I bought 15 more in the evening, and planning to visit every single ToysRUs in South Florida EDIT: New Pic :D 30160 by burnedTart, on Flickr 20 of them are going to China, 10 to Australia, and I still have 5 of them left, limit 1 per customer!!!
  13. AlexScammer

    Batman's Mask Comparison

    A bit of an update 30160 by burnedTart, on Flickr
  14. AlexScammer

    A Collection of Series 7 Vignettes

    When I'm done with them I am not planning to buy the whole series, but I will buy 4-5 more figs.
  15. AlexScammer

    Batman's Mask Comparison

    Just realized how bad the 2nd photo looks Thanks for responding everyone, I do like the new mask better though, it's more Batmanish Stock up on old masks, I believe they'll be out of production soon