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  1. h.png

    Not only just new hub has higher mounting point, it looks like gearless hub which can accept new strong CV joint. Inside red square I marked, joint-hub connection point looks bigger than normal hub. And on the left side you can find part of new CV joint on there.


    You can find very little yellow thing very next to rear suspension spring. It may be daytona's new diff.

    Only I don't know is how TLG put motor on this car. on 4th picture in link above you can find 2 motor at near front of car. One of it seems like L for steering and other looks like XL. Those XL can also find in this picture and it's inside cabin.

    But considering those batterybox which can find between door panel, Those XL is put right above of batterybox. But ususally TLG didn't do that.

  2. I improve my tight turn monorail and place on theme park


    Because corner is to tight for normal monorail bogie so I made new bogie for my monorail.

    It also need differential gear for smooth cornering, and I use 2 powered bogie on rear car and middle joint. Front bogie is non-powered and use 1 roller insted 2 roller like powered bogie.

    And bogie is 6 wide so I made my train as 8 wide.


    It need 4 3L stop axle but my workplace has only 2 so I use 4L stop and cut 1L insted.

  3. 7 hours ago, Erik Leppen said:

    Now this is lame.

    I expected a blue car. Now, we're getting the same black car with only a few blue accents. Now how many parts did they recolor? 30 or so? For that worth, they could just have added the 30 extra blue parts (and a few duplicates of the parts to be stickered) to the original set and offer 2 color options from 1 set.

    Actually 40 piece. And if set is dark azure, 31 of 40 piece is new in dark azure.

    And considering that azure version is more closer to original car than yellow I think that's ok.

  4. 4 hours ago, gyenesvi said:

    I actually see that as an existing problem with front-paging (which is somewhat related as it is the moderators' way of deciding which builds are cool enough and which ones are not that much). To me it seems to reflect the moderator's personal preference, and I see many more interesting and worthy builds here than the ones that make it to the front page.

    To be honest, it seems to me that the criteria for front paging are not technical achievements, but rather how clean the picture is and how good the model looks. At least in my opinion, I think my 8480 studless model can go well enough, but I can't get it.