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  1. Not only just new hub has higher mounting point, it looks like gearless hub which can accept new strong CV joint. Inside red square I marked, joint-hub connection point looks bigger than normal hub. And on the left side you can find part of new CV joint on there. You can find very little yellow thing very next to rear suspension spring. It may be daytona's new diff. Only I don't know is how TLG put motor on this car. on 4th picture in link above you can find 2 motor at near front of car. One of it seems like L for steering and other looks like XL. Those XL can also find in this picture and it's inside cabin. But considering those batterybox which can find between door panel, Those XL is put right above of batterybox. But ususally TLG didn't do that.
  2. Yes. Those red thing next to front wheel is new hub. And steering gear seems little big. In my eyes looks like 28t. <-Wrong. That is suspension spring... New tire seems 81.5x28. F150's buggy tire is 75x28, 1989 batmobile's tire is 68.7x27, zetros's tire is 81x35.
  3. I hope TLG make new fast and powerful motor for this. And it looks like 4wd. I can find one end of CV joint on front. Those red pillar thing on next to fromt wheel can be new hub?
  4. I will waiting cup car version. It looks very good.
  5. Gear is just color variation. That's sad but I wonder which technic set will use it. On 0:38 of video, You can see NEW CHAIN PIECE! It looks like 1L bar is attached on normal chain.
  6. There is also include 11x19 technic base plate in black. Least 2. You cac also see black 16t here.
  7. I improve my tight turn monorail and place on theme park Because corner is to tight for normal monorail bogie so I made new bogie for my monorail. It also need differential gear for smooth cornering, and I use 2 powered bogie on rear car and middle joint. Front bogie is non-powered and use 1 roller insted 2 roller like powered bogie. And bogie is 6 wide so I made my train as 8 wide. It need 4 3L stop axle but my workplace has only 2 so I use 4L stop and cut 1L insted.
  8. Ins is fake. Considering packing qulity maybe part also fake but need to check tire.
  9. When 1x2 micro panel comes, everyone said "If it comes in white, it will be very useful as toilet paper" So, this is TLG's answer. The white panel is the first to appear as real toilet paper.
  10. And 4L short rollercoaster rail on brown. Not a new part or color, but use transmission ring not for transmission is second time after 1989 batmobile.
  11. It actually looks like banana. Maybe this part will come in another mario donky kong set?
  12. Actually 40 piece. And if set is dark azure, 31 of 40 piece is new in dark azure. And considering that azure version is more closer to original car than yellow I think that's ok.
  13. Need to find but that is actually color changed rebrickable moc.
  14. Switch place looks strange but this is what called 'TECHNIC' model.
  15. looks like this. Actually 5. Include in grabber with yellow.
  16. That thing is stabilizer. Real perseverance also use it. Steering using knob wheel which through turntable and maybe actual knob for steering will located on back.
  17. There is some kind of AR thing on box. Considering this set don't include pull back motor unlike mustang and porsche, I wonder what will be.
  18. Wow I think that is 3x5 alter beam.
  19. Nice catch! It looks like include in LR13000 too.
  20. Gripper is new parts Has 2 daytona's super strong diff
  21. Considering P&B service is only available in very few country, that is not perfect soluction. My country is also include in those 'can't buy P&B' group.
  22. The box looks quite thick, so I think the leaked price is right. And it seems that this is the final model, because the C + control layout displayed on the phone in the lower right seems to be a new layout that is completely different from the existing one.
  23. To be honest, it seems to me that the criteria for front paging are not technical achievements, but rather how clean the picture is and how good the model looks. At least in my opinion, I think my 8480 studless model can go well enough, but I can't get it.
  24. Looks like 24t crown is touching shock end. Can you move gear little left?