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  1. There can be only one contest idea Any size, any type model. BUT Must use one of all PF motor(M,L,XL,Servo) and receiver, light, switch. Receiver and switch can use unlimited but other motor or batterybox can use only one of each. 9V(RC motor or etc) line or mindstorm line motor/batterybox can't use and pneumatic can use.
  2. My second 42055 C model. Supercar with test stand. Car function- 6 speed gearbox, RWD, openable trunk, inline-4 engine, working steering wheel, custom made differencial gear, working cooling fan in hood(?) Stand function-2 speed gearbox, HOG steering insturction and review will coming
  3. This is my own design gbc. concept is fixed crank. V1 version Have only 1 plane. So slow. And V2 This is not finish yet. Need make ball suply mechanisem. But, this version have 2 plane so 2x speed than v1. Anyone have tip for ball suply mechanisem?
  4. Is anyone know this? This years is 40th of technic BUT also 10th of PowerFunctions. First powrtfunction sets relise 2007.(8275, 4958, i forget another one. maybe 4957.)
  5. Own gbc module or akiyuki's module? My own- Rotastepper(prototype) Flight Simulator V1(yes. I will make V2. which have 2 type vehicle)
  6. Blue, medium blue, dark blue, medium azrure, dark azrure. So what is next? I think transparent blue :D Anyway, I trying build 41999 in medium blue. And when I saw 42070 picture, I hurray for think I can make 41999 in medium azrure. That is why I don't like 42070's dark azrure color.
  7. 42070 is NOT MEDIUM AZURE?????? DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, 42068 firetruck is ONLY model can combine with 8293 PF set in 2017's technic lineup. Why?
  8. Something like this lol (Why can't upload image???)
  9. My opinion to the B-Models: 42068-Looks good. truck part is looks good to motorise. 42069-Bad. In my opinion, A model is muccccccccccch batter. 42070-Looks like something rock clower like 9398 and 41999. very good.
  10. Twin-wheel loader. Bucket on both front and rear. * Not back-hoe!
  11. One more. 8183, 8184's RC chassis is also PF line. Can use that?
  12. E motor(education) and train motor is much faster than M motor and that motor is also PF line. Can I use that?
  13. My opinion LA is for motorised model. One LA need one motor but pneumatic need least 2 motor.(one for pump and one for switch) Pneumatic for small model. Mini LA is bigger then mini pneumatic cylinder.
  14. @JJ2 Can I give some question? Witch pinion gear using on motor? lego gear is not fit in motor's D shaft, and I don't have idea drive car without gear.
  15. Mr. Blue lol Looks good. How much blue technic part you have?
  16. Hi. Do you remember 2016 pullback combine model? Yea, 42046+42047 extreme police racer. Looks AWESOME and I built it. And after some playing, I found AAA/rechargeable batterybox can fit if remove pullback motor. And after some more trying, I success make steering system with servo motor. Hear is resault. The Extreme Police RC Racer. Sorry for bad video. But drive very well. Can use both L motor or RC motor for drive, servo motor for steering, Sbrick or V2 receiver. Insturction here 75 part, 153 step, photo sequence.
  17. Don't have picture yet.
  18. Finish made insturction of this
  19. Why made this and This part? Worm gear 3L is useless than 1L or 2L and RC base is to weak. Are RC base designer know lego ripoff brand use that base so much? Why not lego did that?
  20. You can see yellow gear quarter in part list on top of box. I think this is second using that part.
  21. my battlebot is replica of "icewave". Icewave is heavywaight class battlebot, use horizontal blade powered by 2-strok combustion engine. So it's very powerful and this is why I love icewave. Anyway, I will use 2 rechargible batterybox, 1 RC buggy motor for weapon, 1 M motor and 1 PF switch for weapon control, 2 L motor for move. Yes. this is how to work my "brickwave". Basically, icewave drive it's blade in the middle of body, so very smooth turntable need to blade rotation. LoL. I find turntable turn extremely smooth. Not modifited or sanding turntable. It's just rotation allmost 1.5 year. So it sanded itself. Hear's current build prograss. Gear is 40:56 from RC motor's fast output. I will upload more here when make. info of icewave
  22. Wave Of Wrath insturction complet! Step 10 Step 65 Step 87 Link to brickshelf folder. And question. How to upload file here?
  23. How about "Pull-Back" contest? Anything kind of actuator is not available(pneumatic, PF, etc...) and can only use Pull back motor.
  24. 42055 BWE C model msk6003(me) harf tracked vehicle with rubber band gun
  25. All robot has great. Vote maximum impact, black egyptian, bucket wheel terminator, blacksmith, lancelot, blackout 15 : 10 13 : 6 11 : 4 21 : 3 6 : 2 4 : 1