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  1. For some strange reason, steering is only work when it's connected to first buwizz only.
  2. Sariel upload 42159 Yamaha MT-10 SP video but deleted very soon. It seems that he immediately uploaded what I was trying to book on the embargo date. It include LOT of intersting new part. The video went down before I saw that part, but I could see it floating very small at the bottom. Include New rotary catch looks like very realistic in medium azure - It work as like real car's transmission. New transmission lever for new catch in normal orange - It work with upper parts. New 2L transmission ring in looks like LBG - It is same length with old red 2L ring but smaller diameter and 8 notch unlike 4 notch like other ring New 24t clutch gear in red - I'm not sure, but once I look at the later part, it looks like 24. Tire and wheel is same with BMW except wheel is blue.
  3. That gear is actually very slightly smaller than those wheel. I also suprised it can fit. In theory this could be fit, but I haven't tested it yet.
  4. 879,900 KRW in korea. Considering the exchange rate, it came out cheaper than other countries, but it is still very expensive for Lego (especially less than 3000 parts!).
  5. I didn't expect to see Spike Prime's ball caster parts here. But in black insted medium azure. Also it seems to use planetary hub in drive sprocket.
  6. 61254 23x7 tire with 13971/56902(Both pin hole) or 56903(Axle hole) wheel.
  7. Before one page I did it. But my model's front bucket is to small compare to whole vehicle.
  8. Using new tire looks very good but I worried it's just 8265 with different tire. I still can't understand why unable use of electronic in this TC. Lot of classic masterpiece set use electronic as core function.
  9. At first, I planned to make 70% scale of 8485 Control center II with 51515 robot inventor hub. But Jim said no electronic. I will not scrap those chopper yet but I don't know I will did it again someday. Anyway, while thinking idea of set, I find this comment. @gyenesvi said : Imagine we have a shrinking contest without any constraints, and let's think about two possible entries. One contestant picks a 1:8 supercar, makes it 1:10 or 1:12 and keeps some of the few functions, maybe drops the gearbox; the result is still big and may look cool, but technically shallow. Another contestant takes a medium construction set maybe, makes it smaller but keeps all the functions with a lot of technical tricks and cool building techniques. Suppose that both entries would adhere to the rules, so none of them would be disqualified by the jury's pre-filtering, and then voting is passed to the crowd. Which one keeps the spirit of the contest better? Probably the second. Which one will get more votes? Probably the first. So we have limit of electronic but no set limit? Than I will did it. Don't blame me. I select this because all my other option use electronic. First, I got the .io file of the original model and reduced it by 0.63x using Part Designer. Due to the large number of parts in the model, all the interior except for the exterior was scraped due to serious lag, and independent suspension cannot be inserted here if it is smaller. Then, after setting the wheel positions based on the scale model, assembly started from the rear. This is the narrowest possible independent suspension, and due to space issues, the differential gear had to be removed and only a 4-speed gearbox fitted, rather than the original 16-speed forward and reverse gearbox. Planed function 4 speed gearbox with paddle shift and V12 engine Independent suspension on all wheels Front wheel steering using steering wheel Opining door, hood, engine cover
  10. Using yellow 5x7 frame with some stick instead new truss frame will good idea.
  11. If lightbrick is allowed, please be clear about the rules. 1. No electronic components of any kind 2. Only integrated type is allowed (light/sound brick, motor box) 3. Only light sources allowed Because there is a set like this that probably no one will do, but it has only fiber optic, battery box and wires as electronic components.
  12. I found yellow 3x19 on carrage.
  13. Chassis done. Put paddle shift in this size vehicle was extreme challenge but I did it. Compared to the original model, the engine is slightly forward, but acceptable.
  14. 8485 set's main function is record&play using control center. It is not possible without electronic. I don't heard this TC has jury. Is it real? Before built those axle I considering ford's 5L joint too. but for adding differential I need 4L joint.
  15. Can you allowed if original set already has electronic? My planned model is impossible without electronic.(Actually mindstorm.) And of course original set has electronic.
  16. I don't know why but after update mu model's steering(C+ L motor) is not responce to my control. It work whan calibrating but not in control mode.
  17. Finially I finish both model's instruction. A model B model
  18. And watch out 2L pin which connect 3x3 biscuit and 5x7 frame. When I disassembly mine, those pin is little bent.
  19. So, June is now almost half over. When will the next contest start?
  20. My first 42157 john deere 948L alternative - Backhoe loader I use almost every black 2L pin in this set. Function L6 engine with cooling fan which drive 4x faster than rear wheel(RWD) Front wheel steering Rear hoe turning by yellow knob on top of cabin Axle 2 and bucket on rear work by 2 mini linear actuators Direction changeable driver seat Manual outrigger which can lift back wheel Openable hood Both 2 axle of main bucket work using pneumatic Axle 1 of rear bucket work by pneumatic too That's a lot of function. Isn't it? And I usually don't build vehicle like this. This is my FIRST backhoe loader build.
  21. Looks like TLG trying to trolling us. Ah~~~ Can you see this never-relesed part? Do you want it? Do you want it? No you can't get LOL~~~~
  22. About 1L beam, I still wait dark blue and dark azure 1L beam.
  23. Maybe it will not corrrect but towball with half pin will make new hub has pin hole.
  24. I hope this set include 1x6 amd 1x7 half thick beam in lime.