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  1. After build 9x8, I started to search which model will be good alternative for this set. And I found Peugeot 205 T16's main color is dark gray which is same with source set. Those car is also got great achievement in WRC group B, so I think this is perfect for both brand(same peugeot), color(same DBG), symbolism(group B). I also found another model which also satisfied those 3 condition but it looks even harder than this so I don't know I will make it. Anyway Function 4WD with horizontal L4 engine Front wheel steering with HOG and working steering wheel Opening engine bay and both side door Glow-in-dark front headlight Suspension is removed due to width It's hard to make because this set don't have many flat panel.
  2. Technic racing wheel medium wheel on 75367 venator's engine looks like pearl dark gray. Not black.
  3. This wheels's offset is same on both side
  4. About that I also feel depressed. I kept 100% of all the features of the original model also with engines and steering systems which is typical in modern technic sets into an almost 1:1 scale model. @howitzer Anyway are you have instruction of that hovercraft? It looks very awesome and make me want to built it.
  5. I don't know about function but how about build technic 'building'?
  6. * I don't know when this moc will finish. I don't have plan to build to real in now except very few part for work testing. We did TC20, with remake studed set to studless. But, how about reverse? Studless to studed. Some rule also will reversed. Like electronic permitted in here. I select 42070 for reverse tc20. Because this set is 40th anniversery model of technic. I set to limit to use part before 1997 except tire and color. because 24t clutch gear came in 1997 and changeover catch came in 1996.. Planned function Wired remote controll using poll reverser switch and 2 motor like 8082's controller(maybe 2 43362 or 1 43362 and 1 2838.) 6x6 drive with steering with central differential and portal axle Both rear axle has simple pendular suspension Outrigger with worm gear(cause no linear in past) Crane rotaion with worm gear Crane rase/lower with worm gear(cause no linear in past) Winch on crane with worm gear secret function Use all gear(8, 16, 16 clutch, 24, 24 crown, 24 clutch, 40(this will removed if not good), worm)
  7. Is there any existed wheel which can fit on this tire? Those tire looks very awesome but wheel is very limited to use.
  8. Maybe we can get tractor tire for this wheel. Considering other tire for this wheel(56891 and 35578) size will be 37 x 16 or 37 x 18.
  9. It's taken by CADA. For same reason, Rastar take pagani and maserati.
  10. I vote to mclaren. Recently TLG did many co-opration with mclaren. (F1, extreme E, FE, senna, 2K drive)
  11. It's very surprise that I'm not worst. But I'm still attached to electronic....
  12. No only uploaded in cada's facebook group. It seems don't have product page yet.
  13. Considering most people has least 1 C+/powered up hub nowadays and the distinction between Mindstorms and Technic is blurry, we can do C+/powered up contest but also allow to use spike/51515 hub. But most of people don't own sensor so allow sensor is maybe some unfair. Only reason why I'm not enter GBC contest even I requested some time is just not allowed pure system module.
  14. I said C+ contest also everytime before. Rule is also same as yours but after many reject from everyone, I don't have any more hope and dreams. The key reason most people rejected it was that it was going to be a Mindstorms contest, but in the first place Mindstorms is also a sub-genre of Technic and a topic covered in this forum, so why not? But if we do it, I hope all powered up and C+ line hub is allowed. Include spike prime/51515's 6 port and spike essential's 2 ports, and It also includes the wedo 2.0 hub, which probably no one will ever use. If it's allowed, I will make 100% scale of studless 8485 Control center II.
  15. I also planned 8485 Control center II with 70% of scale with mobile phone&robot inventor hub as replace of control center.
  16. Only my complain of this contest is not allowed electronic. Other that every entry is very good.
  17. Seems like there is cada certified store. Not offical cada store. This is cada's offical store and it is not listed yet on here.
  18. @SaperPL I talk about my aston martin in TC20. Even I post enough WIP post(at least I think) without count reply of first start post, only very few people replied to it before I post first version of brick build bodywork. When I checked it got most view of every TC20 topic and only I got top 36%. (17 of 47) Anyway, I don't want to spend my 1000th post on something like this, so I won't write any more.
  19. I have something to say about this. yes. I enjoy designing and I love the finished product, but ranking is also important to me. Especially if it had the most views among all contest entry topics, but didn't even make it to the top 30%. And unlike others, when your posts get very few replies. <- This also has to do with why WIP posts are posted when they are finished and not in production. Why post while in production if no one is replying?
  20. Let me be a bit direct. I recommend that you try to fix your OCD. You're digging into too many details for a community creation contest. Otherwise, I recommend that you be patient. As a person who develops Lego Mindstorms models as a job, my occupational disease is that I can't stand gear skipping,(especially it's sound) but I don't point out one by one with it on other people's models.
  21. Cause those rim is back in stage after 5 years. Last release of that rim before dalmatian is 2018. TMI : Last release of brown color of those rim is 2012.
  22. TLG actually trolling us Considering normal people can't get FLL sets usually, It seems TLG is trolling us with super rare and useful parts. LEGO Set 45823-1 MASTERPIECE Challenge Set (2023 FIRST LEGO League) | Rebrickable - Build with LEGO Full part list