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  1. Lego-fire

    Minifigures Series 24 - The Guessing Game is Back!

    0 points lol
  2. Those bags are pink, not purple!
  3. If not Fortnite series, maybe a Fall Guys series (if we think there could be an Epic Games series). Fall Guys is even more popular after it became free to play, and there are loads of great costumes. Wishful thinking probably.
  4. Congrats!! (and thanks to the person who voted for mine)
  5. Lego-fire

    Lego disabled minifigures discussion and rumours

    What? Unfollowed what? I was just joking before
  6. Lego-fire

    Lego disabled minifigures discussion and rumours

    Are you… are you getting blind people mixed up with barbers? Or candy canes?
  7. Lego-fire

    Lego disabled minifigures discussion and rumours

    I got the series 23 candy cane piece and it looks exactly like a normal cane! As in its very large, almost as large as the figure. Gotta be recoloured and used as a cane.
  8. Lego-fire

    Lego disabled minifigures discussion and rumours

    I have Asperger’s too. I’m think @Poodabricks is thinking of making a minifig covered in puzzle pieces… I’ve reported them.
  9. 1- 1 point 9- 1 point 7- 1 point
  10. 9- 2 points 7- 1 points
  11. Lego-fire

    [CATC] Edie and Wicker Witches

    I really like this! Good luck in the competition.
  12. Lego-fire

    [CaTC] Survivors

    Thank you!
  13. When the boxes come out we’ll all have to carry little scales around and band together to make a list of weights of each figure.
  14. My theme is based on a group of people who crashed out of their airplane! They land on an island previously undiscovered, that turns out to be in a different dimension, where people never discovered most of the world. This was because the world is extremely different. Soil that seems viable will suddenly change to not be. Animals in the sea will attack. It’s a strange and vicious world. This means a lot of technology has not been developed (like planes, trains etc) and it forces the natives live nomadically. Crash landing and floating along desperately on the small plane’s wing, the survivors meet a native, who saves them from a shark, in my small set: The survivors in this set are : (L-R) Jane McCarthy, a survival obsessive, who grabbed her floating duck ring. Hannah Groening, a rich kid who won’t lift a finger. And Sir Weston-Weyton-Layton, a golfing man who only knows about golf. The islander in this set is Anakin, an excellent hunter and fisherman, who only wants to be an explorer, and is training as hard as he can so he can venture out beyond the island and explore the world. This set would sell for $10 and it has around 30 pieces and 4 minifigures. The second set is the native’s current encampment. It contains a small farm, two teepees, a totem pole and multiple natives plus a fire, with a man making food. This set would sell for around $30. The set The farm The farmer digging up the sweet potatoes (see next photo) harvest the sweet potatoes by flipping the brown 2x3. The natives dancing around the totem pole, and the Chief playing the drums. The fire and the Medicine Man making food and medicine.