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  1. 2017 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hello all, not sure if I can ask in this thread, or if I need to open another thread... (also, English isn't my first language, so please accept my apologies if my grammars are off) Can I ask if anyone have encountered similar issue, where the cuts on the sticker sheet are like off by a few millimeters. Now, all individual pieces contain part of the outline ... Here are what I meant by having an outline on the stickers This is my first purchase of the Speed Champions series, and needless to say, I am very disappointed... just want to see if this is something common or not (I am deciding if I should continue to purchase more SC sets in the future). Thanks~
  2. [MOC] New Arcade in Town...

    Thanks for your comments, yeah, I agreed, using tiles for the floor might be a better choice~ Thanks for your comments, haha yeah, he still has his full TIE Interceptor costume on.
  3. [MOC] New Arcade in Town...

    Hi all, this is my first MOC, a SW themed arcade machine...