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  1. i certainly did, as i mean to do it last night, when i posted that info to a private forum, including my 'trademark' // separators ... i was a little ticked earlier today to see my private message end up all over instagram and here ... // i'll just keep it all to myself going forward ... peace.
  2. i just said it has surfaced ... it's not on instagram yet ... at least i don't think ... leaks aren't only there, and rarely there first ... though i imagine it'll end up there before too long ...
  3. or, they are from unannounced retailer exclusives for 2019 ... surprise sets ... like vader's castle last year ... i'd much rather it be from 2019, because i don't want to wait for this minifig for 6 months ... =]] [the mando torso showed up the same place the knight of ren head did] i've also heard some trolls might be sooner 2020 ...
  4. the torso for the mandalorian has surfaced ... i think people are gonna be impressed ...
  5. that would certainly explain it ... lol ... it's too close to ep 3 ... it's easier for my brain to use the numbers and not try to make an acronym out of it, which seems to be the MO these days ... [reminds me of the army, if there isn't an acronym, make one.]
  6. hence the quotes around his ... it's not might now, they are ... the battle pack info is where you have a typo though ... it isn't RoTS ... the rise of skywalker ... ;-]
  7. episode 9 ... rise ... @THELEGOBATMAN has a typo in 'his' list ... also ferry and oslo ARE NOT what is listed ... there are 99.99% mando sets coming. =]]
  8. especially considering it is tripe for 2020 and this is 2019 ... O_O
  9. i have a few walls that have permanent dents. ;-]
  10. oslo is confirmed to be the code name of kylo ren in 9 ... we know who that landspeeder belongs to now. underground rumblings are saying 'mustafar duel' might be 'death star duel' between obi and ani [vader] ... //shrug i can't wait for all the 'another landspeeder' comments/complaints/etc and that lego is lazy/incompetent ... i for one will be replacing all my landspeeders with this one. =]]
  11. the same list of 2020 sets from many months ago said a bantha was coming in another set ... maybe it is time for a 2020 thread ... might be the earliest it has come ... //shrug
  12. that puts a crap load of more weight behind the list of january 2020 sets that is floating around!!!!!
  13. Tidy

    Updating Your Minifigs

    ^^^ he is the reason i went head (arm) first down the rabbit hole.
  14. Tidy

    Updating Your Minifigs

    sign up for the emails. bob sends out 15-20% coupons occasionally. i’m in process of arming 300 stormies.
  15. Tidy

    Updating Your Minifigs

    it’s a very deep rabbit hole you’re descending. ;-] all other figs will seem naked now.
  16. it also has detailed info on the VIP/Command shuttle variant that flew Needa to his death ... essentially the bomber with the 'wings' facing outward ... which 'should' be an easy conversion for those of you who have made the bomber in the past ... pretty awesome book btw ...
  17. those uk prices are not all accurate.
  18. hmmmm, i've been saying that for months now ...
  19. that is a TIE echelon ... created specifically for galaxy's edge ... and not for ep 9 at all ... those video game renders are not necessarily minifigs, don't get your hopes up ...
  20. they’re on lego’s server. promobricks has links. UPDATE: lego yanked the catalogs ... lol ...