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  1. amen ... i also love the thrill of the hunt ... there's also the fact that if some retailers are correct, then other large retailers are wrong ... as 2 of the largest retailers in america are directly in conflict with one another ... "LEGO LEGO® Star Wars Slave I 75236" vs "LEGO Star Wars TM CONF_Playset_R_vs_K 75236" isn't that a lego movie set? but those sets are seeing a 22-26 cents per piece pricing ... much more in line with past juniors sets ... not the 10 cents that we both know 75236 to be ... so, back to me saying the race is too close to call at this juncture ... ps, nice to see you around again!
  2. 191pcs for 75236 ... the veracity of slave 1 for 75236 is still undetermined ... imho, too early to call the race ... i'm not doubting a 4+ slave 1 exists, i just can't for certain without a doubt, say it is 75236 ... the price and piece count etc doesn't fit withe the other 4+ sets that are more solidified ...
  3. can you message a link or the pics?
  4. iirc, the inferno squad used tie pilot and at-at driver helmets vs standard stormie helmets ...
  5. what was that really weird gungan thing from 20 years ago?
  6. 75228. or so says the magic 8-ball.
  7. all the leaks/rumour/conjecture/speculation to this point has narrowed it down to a brick built small dewback and an even smaller escape pod. when i was a kid all we had was brick built horses, all these molded animals these days have you all spoiled ... /s
  8. many of the reasons that i refused to believe that it was the microfighter dual pack ... but now, as the old magic eight ball would say, all signs point to yes ... i still really don't want to believe it, but at least it'll be a good cheaper way to score a sandtrooper =/ ...
  9. there are 15 other set numbers that are currently unaccounted for ... it could be anything ... lego has been know to do very random things ... all the time ... i like resistance ... there are only 3 helmet types ... 4 guards share a helmet ... then 2 + 2 ... however there are 4 groups of paired weapons ... oh, and the ones from snokes fungeon are of the 4 variety ...
  10. i think a lot of people just assumed that there would be 2 dual packs since last year there were, and once the first list hit, it started to gain traction ... but 75227 isn't showing up in any place other than these interweb rumour lists ...
  11. 75228 is the dewback mf pack ... 75227 DOES NOT CURRENTLY EXIST ...
  12. there's a few i'd want system [non 4+] scale sets from so far ... but that is for another thread ...
  13. and SVL's info was that the x-wing was not poe and bb-8 and the tie came with a rebel ... there hasn't been an a-wing with c-3po in resistance either ... time for a cage match ... 2 men enter, 1 man leaves ...