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  1. i’m an oban man myself. but i’d knock back a glass of that with you any day. ;-]
  2. Tidy

    Future Star Wars Sets

    well. considering it is 2019 info. it wouldn’t go into that thread either. closed or not. “official”
  3. brick vault on youtube has the hoth.
  4. well ... you're all but guaranteed to get a full wave from episode 9 ... for force friday 3 ...
  5. i went with angry annie to go with the angry clones.
  6. i think he muffed the build too, there are certain things that just aren't working as they should ... however, the gist is there and i'm kinda looking forward to the hauler.
  7. he did it wrong. that's not how it works.
  8. SET NUMBER USD PIECE COUNT NAME  75203 $29.99 255 HOTH MEDICAL CHAMBER 75213 $39.99 307 ADVENT CALENDAR 75214 $19.99 247 ANAKIN’S STARFIGHTER 75215 $29.99 355 CLOUD RIDER SWOOP BIKES 75216 $69.99 492 SNOKE'S THRONE ROOM 75217 $89.99 622 IMPERIAL CONVEYEX TRANSPORT 75218 $79.99 731 X-WING 75219 $99.99 829 IMPERIAL AT-HAULER 75220 $139.99 1239 SANDCRAWLER 75221 $89.99 636 SENTINEL CLASS SHUTTLE / IMPERIAL LANDING CRAFT
  9. if you search around youtube there are speedbuilds from russia of most new summer sets and more to come. also a review of the swoops in polish with english subtitles. the more ore i watch, the less i’m liking the conveyex and snokes throne room. the two with (imho) the most desirable figs (praetorians and range troopers) and the more i like the hauler.
  10. the bounty hunter battle pack was pretty darn much a scene right out of freemakers minus zuckuss ... i wish i knew the reason he was excluded [considering dengar was in another freemakers set] ... watch the episode in season 2 'return to the wheel' ... the render of zuckuss looks amazing ... i too have nice customs, but aren't as nice as that render, and if the lego zuckuss looked like that render, i'd have 2 customs that i'd dump in a new york minute ... so we should all be hoping for another 'wave' of freemakers sets and a 3rd season ... though i think the new skirt piece would be so much better than standard legs ...
  11. looks just like the fake/custom that has been floating around for years. complete with the stormie by his side.
  12. why? the polybag figure is a dead ringer for one of the mine workers ... not every mine worker had a helmet on, not every mine worker was all in yellow ...
  13. it is almost exactly 2/3rds the size of the UCS one ... ucs: 9x18x6 new one: 7x12x4