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  1. read the post above yours ... chat with CS was done by someone in another place i'm in last night ...
  2. that would just be a jerk move.
  3. lol. the bomber is still for sale in the us shop@home store, albeit for a discount.
  4. good thing i got my finch back in september. most of the actor’s posts about the fig are a month old too ...
  5. from what i know and have heard, force friday was originally going to be september but was changed and is now pushed back to october ... so it was to be january, april, september for waves. (2018 was jan, apr, aug) ... i believe that april was chosen as it coincides with star wars celebration ... what better time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of lego star wars ?!?? there’s gonna be a small may 4th as per usual (ucs only), it’s not a ‘real wave’ ... advent calendar in september as per usual ... and several retailer exclusives that are launched on their schedule not lego’s ... and the oct ucs ...
  6. the probability of a zuckuss is greater than a 501st at this point ...
  7. that catalog hasn’t leaked to the masses yet. ;-]
  8. and here i was hoping for 2 old style with new prints of pilots that have never been made ... lol ...
  9. i'm sure it was to just use up old stock as much and as fast as possible ... the real tell will be which helmets are included in the snopwspeeder ...
  10. lmao! look at the helmets in the '18 xwing, then the rebel pilot in the advent and then the 4+ xwing ... strange things happen ...
  11. meanwhile i'm crossing my fingers they have a plethora of the old helmets that need used up and get put in the dropship ... #sw585forlife
  12. that is still the scuttlebutt. the yellow fig, may or may not have anything to do with the set ... just a bonus OG fig ... random ... btw, i use your BL store to feed my habit often ... ;-]