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  1. On 25.2.2017 at 2:05 PM, nguyengiangoc said:

    The 42070 does push the state of art IMO. The hybrid gearbox represents the next step in the evolution of Technic models, because it has several advantages over the traditional 4-function gearbox, the multi-directional gear box, the RC motor setup, and even the 8043 gearbox.

    I think there are Technic models which don't need to have full RC. A tow truck would be one example because the hook attaching thing is always manual work. On the other hand a 8043 like solution would also have worked: driving, steering and outriggers change to 3 functions of the crane. Of course you need way too much PF for this.

  2. 48 minutes ago, agrof said:


    I am on the opposite side, I find it cool, and it is kind of realistic. Working with real tow trucks requires both manual and remote controlled operations - actually mostly all functions have both.

    Using this feature for making the truck RC driveable "Trial Truck" is a great package by LEGO.


    I always wondered why LEGO hasn't used the implemented motor(s) for the working functions to also make the models drive. But with the crawler crane and the bucket-wheel excavator this mindset changed. And 42070 is the logical next step.

  3. 47 minutes ago, Timorzelorzworz said:

    By the way the setup of M-motor together with XL make it possible to use the "old" receiver and not the new one which is called 2.0. This makes the set even cheaper but 250€ is not really cheap...  

    For this parts count and compilation of PF (4958 had the same with 800 parts for 90€) 250€ seems way to high. There has to be some unknown secret or incorrect information regarding this set.

  4. Sorry to say this as my first post, but I'm a little bit puzzled about the amount of negativity towards the 42070. Am I the only person who is interested in how the >7 functions of the 42070 will be motorized with only two levers and 2 motors? If there is a driving and a working mode all outriggers have to be operated at the same time because the remaining 3 move the crane. Or each motor will have 4 functions so there is plenty of room to operate the outriggers individually. But no matter how they solve this problem I expect the most complex gearshift system after 8043. That's why I'm really excited to see how this will work out in the end.