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  1. Perhaps we could see it alongside a normal sized LEGO train to get an idea of the overall size difference. Also could we have a close up of those wheels, out of the train, so we can see as it is a little hard to make them out. But yes, it is a fantastic build and as others have said hard to tell it is made from LEGO at all.
  2. Hrw-Amen

    First Set You Couldn't Buy

    It was the big blue space ship back in the 70s I think? I cannot remember the number (Maybe 497 Galaxy Explorer I think.) but I know even now they go for silly money online. They did three sets and I think they were the original mini-figure sized spaceships. My parents bought me the smallest of the three but could not afford the others and as a kid neither could I. Still cannot!
  3. Hrw-Amen

    Steam Engine Train

    Yes I like this and would like the red undercarriage bits myself.
  4. Hrw-Amen

    Gravel ship in LDD

    Looks like the ones we had out in the bay a few years back repairing some storm damage to the see floor.
  5. Hrw-Amen

    [LDD] Do these look like gas pumps? (tips needed)

    They look much more like pumps in the overall context of the station setting as well. If it helps, the ones around where I live usually have the display section raised slightly higher than the bit with the nozzles and the nozzles normally attach at the front below that section, but I guess they may vary around the world? As i said in the overall context it is obvious what they are supposed to be so good job.
  6. Hrw-Amen

    Bullfrog SNOT

    Interesting read. I may have to try this if we can get it in UK. Not sure where to try and find it though, anyone know?
  7. Hrw-Amen

    Realistic or Play Value?

    I think for me it is a mixture. I like my trains to look like what they are supposed to be but at the same time I want them to be able to interact with the mini-figs, so I am looking for something that is half way. I have made trains that the doors don't open on, but then again so have LEGO. I do want to be able to put minifigures into the passenger cars and a driver in the cab though and I'd like the big doors on my box cars to open for loading freight. So as much detail as I can without loosing too much playability or it being so fiddly that it keeps falling to bits everytime someone touches it. Compromise is the name of the game I feel. If I wanted a very real layout I would go for N or HO or something like that.
  8. Hrw-Amen

    Christmas Tree Trimmings (LEGO)

    I have put a train up the last few years running around the tree or just the whole room, but this year we seem to have a huge amount of stuff everywhere and I am wondering where to put the tree let alone a train. I would love to have it out but trouble is my home is small and space is at a premium.
  9. Hrw-Amen

    Fair train

    Very nice fire train and nice to see some pictures of the real one in action.
  10. Hrw-Amen

    My first MOC: 1:30 Krupp Knapsack 0-6-0T

    It is nice to see this engine. I have to admit that I have myself been a little tardy of late with building stuff, so something like this maybe just what is needed to reawaken the bug. I look forwards to seeing some of your PF models. Are they going to be in the normal 'L' Gauge or of a larger type? It would be good to see something in the normal scale as i find it easier to imagine the scene as a whole with some minifigures but each to his own and that does not detract from your build. As for the awful use of NON standard parts like the BBB wheels, well, what a terrible crime to make on a LEGO forum!!! And Gluing parts!!!! Well, don't worry, I am sure all is forgiven, I have myself along with several other people on here used many a BBB Wheel for our MOCS, there are not many NON LEGO parts that are acceptable but I think you wold be hard pushed to find someone who would criticize you for using them. They are one of those few almost LEGO parts that seem to have become acceptable. Gluing, not so much, but I cannot deny that on occasion I have had a bit that for whatever reason has just become loose and will not stay in place. I should not do it but I may have resorted to glue once or twice, but don't tell anyone!! Thanks for posting.
  11. Hrw-Amen

    Is BBB still active?

    As far as I know, I've ordered a few times over the last couple of years and they always arrived reasonably quickly. That is to the UK as well!
  12. Hrw-Amen

    PF powered steam tank engine

    Looks nice. It will be interesting to see how it does handle those curves and switches. Any plans to build a real one?
  13. Looks like a nice sub and that sealife build with the dolphins and little pink fish looks nice as well. I was a bit confused with the figures though as apart from the swimmer they did not obviously fit. I had to Google it to find out what it was all about, so having done that I can see why they would not want it. However I am surprised that they rejected a submission based on just a research sub if that is how you approached the re-make.
  14. Hrw-Amen

    [WIP] Shelf Layout: Tüblingen

    Looks like you have made a nice little layout there with the limited space that you have. Nice to see some imagination going into it and also some good old fashioned engines alongside the newer ones. It will be good to see how this develops.
  15. Hrw-Amen

    Connecting rods for Lone Ranger train?

    You can look at the pictures in my flickr album. I have added rods using only LEGO parts. Link:-