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  1. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] The Siege of Skull Island by Imperial Guards

    Considering the fact that there are plenty of redcoats soldiers and officials hats but none from the pirates, I think they got away safe and sound or with some scratches
  2. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] "Fer Maiden" - 36 Gun Privateer Frigate

    This frigate is WONDERFUL! The exterior is impressive, I love the colour-scheme and the curvature of the ship, then the interiors are also amazing. Everything completed by the lower hull & stand that compliment the whole ship and heighten it to a new level!
  3. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    Don't feel late if the builder himself is late to his own party! Anyway I'm very happy that you and other builders use any of my designs. It makes me proud to see what I make implemented in other builds! So, keep on using anything you need, or there wouldn't be a point in sharing our MOCs on here!
  4. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] The Siege of Skull Island by Imperial Guards

    I guess the small group of pirates in the middle got surrounded by an army of redcoats! Great but simple idea, yet kind of difficult to pull together because the slight vibration or bump, drives every piece apart!
  5. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Havana 1717

    Very lovely and colourful, especially the picture with the carriage and the building in the background. Nice photography. The round blue building with the little tent on the side is very, very cute. So many little details that work together and tell a story. Great composition overall, crowned by the video. Are you going to include Havana in the next stop-motion episode?
  6. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Sabre Island Anno Domini 2021

    Truly wonderful. Congratulations! the colours, the decorations, the sloped walls, the interior details, everything comes together very nicely and balanced. Bravo!
  7. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    Here there is a small update to Forbidden Island. Thanks to the brilliant suggestion of @TomSkippy to insert a gibbet with a "keep out" sign and an hanging soldier, I managed to create two different gibbets, one on each islet. In the picture above and the one right below, you can see the main gibbet. I used the rocks as a base on where to place this structure with the sign and the hanging soldier. I was considering on making it longer to fit a couple more skeletons, but then it looked not nice and proportionate enough, so I left it as is. Then I thought I could use also the lower yard of the mast to hang another skeleton, so I added new cord to make it stay in a higher position and hand another soldier with the keep out sign. Now I am working on the tutorial for the palm tree, since there are 3 different types on the island and soon I will post those pictures too.
  8. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    Thank you, I wish we had a new movable monkey with a more detailed face and maybe in a slightly smaller size, but still I like the old monkey a lot, more now than when I was a kid. The old parrots are also a bit more detailed compared to the new ones, though the new colours are nice and a bit more vibrant. Glad you like it, forbidden island was the first big base I got when I was a kid, after I got the mighty BSB. Anyway in this version there's no trap-door in the house. I omitted it because I didn't know how to make it drop quickly and nicely enough, and keep the broken wooden floor. I am going to upload the instructions on Rebrickable and make a link to the first post. Though not very soon because I have to create the instructions first and being the model composed of many parts and more than 3k pieces, it takes some time to organize. But as soon as I have more time I'll make that happen! Thank you very much! I loved making it. the bridge was a bit challenging at the beginning, but then it became quite simple to build. I also thought to add in the temple area and make it look like they used it to build upon their cabin and store loot and use spare stones to make the prison. My only regret is that I didn't include a set of stairs that goes from the cabin to the area below it, so I have to revise it and put it in because it is unpractical to go all over the bridge and then in the water to reach the other side! oops! Thanks! Many long nights went into it. It seems weird but the creation of the islands using the round shapes was the trickiest part, for some reason... Thanks! I love those little cannons too, the downside is that they can't be places on a flat surface because of a brick to hold everything together. Instead places between studs, it fits in them and should work fine, until I don't find a better way to make it. you can check this little problem by going to the instructions I posted on here. I used stud.io that you can download here https://www.bricklink.com/v3/studio/download.page I really loved your idea and after I got some spare time, I made not one but two gibbets! You can check them out in the next post! Thanks for the great idea! I will make the instructions available to purchase on rebrickable sometime in the following months, because I need to finish school tests and theses first! Thanks! I think I will work on some more temple structures in the future Thank you! I've seen some other updates to the original model, and I love them all. recently there was a post on here where a guy used the parts of barracuda bay to make forbidden island, and I found it a great idea. When I started working on this model, I thought to put another mast, broken one, half fallen into the water and next to it the "bones" of a hull of a ship, but then I thought it was too much reminiscent of the barracuda bay concept, so I left it out.
  9. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    Hello everybody, I am sorry I haven't been around in a long while, but I've got a lot of work to do for my last tests and the thesis I'm writing. Because of this pandemic, access to public libraries is limited and thus research takes a very long time, thus keeping up with deadlines is very difficult, that's why I haven't had enough time to relax and enjoy this wonderful hobby with you all. Around Easter I might have some free time and I will reply to every message I've received. In fact I am going to share the building instructions for the 3 types of palm trees I used in this moc, as I did for the cannons, and maybe I will also share new pictures of forbidden island incorporating some of your suggestions. Thank you all very much for the appreciation of my moc, the support and the suggestions shared!
  10. Elusys Ra Arwal

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    I am impressed and LOVE IT! I also love the little modifications in colour and I think they add even more diversity compared to what I did, especially the "wooden planks with nails", those are really cute and I should have added those in the model as well, but oh well! I like the mod to the sand pile, that looks indeed sturdier than what I did, so I might do that myself! About the roof, I am glad that it is sturdy and stable, that's great news, I only wish I could make it angled like the cabin and have more room, but that aside I love how it looks and that you actually built it, thank you for sharing the pictures!
  11. I love the castaway and the little crab is so cute! Also that singer's headpiece would be great for the natives, the violin and bow also is very cute and useful. The remainder of the figures are nice overall.
  12. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    Thank you! I've never heard of that game before you mentioned it and it's colours and style sort of reminds me of Sea of Thieves game, which is kind of where I was leaning towards. I love its style and colour-scheme and the bay does give me some of its vibes so I tried to make a mix of both worlds. Thank you and me too! I thought the little trail was coming up nice, also because from the front you wouldn't really see it, but I think I will make it from scratch and expand it a bit more. I don't understand this quote...
  13. Elusys Ra Arwal

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    This is the most flattering thing ever! It made me happy and smile so much. Thank you very much! I am glad that everything worked perfectly out and seeing it in picture is something else. Did you have to modify anything to make it work? For example the rooftop on the cabin, do you think it is stable enough? My point was, as you mentioned, the sturdiness of the additions and an easy removal process (which you can also see in the studio file), although you can't check it effectively in the program, even if I try to createit as "realistically buildable" as possible. I'm really, really thankful you shared these pictures and I NEED MORE! hahaha If and when (no hurry) you have time, I'd like a couple more angles and close-ups. You can just make a wetransfer link and send it privately if you don't want to share them here. Again, no hurry, no rush etc.
  14. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    This is all I did back in jan 2019... basically I made it the same size of the original base, but out of bricks, I was adding also a sort of "hidden" little stairs + trail to go up the hill, beside the slope on the side. although I wasn't completely happy with the result. The sand part was just at a very early stage, trying out colours and position and also I was trying to keep it at the minimum possible because my intention was to build it. I wanted to fuse into it also skull island, but the regular set, not a remake. It is very difficult to make it nicely detailed and keep the brick count down! Then I got busy with other things and it is sitting there for the time being. I think I will make it from scratch and in a different way, probably way larger so I can insert more details and keep it just digital because I wouldn't have the space to place it, let alone the money to make it!
  15. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Forbidden Island

    I'm really happy that you like this renewed version of the island. It was one of my first sets after BSB. I really liked it when I was little and I still find it somewhat more evocative of adventure compared to the bigger Rock Island Refuge set. Before they announced the bay, I was working on an improved RIR, I built just some parts of the baseplate out of bricks and I've made it more rocky. I also wanted create a proper dungeon etc, but I never finished it...