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  1. Elusys Ra Arwal

    What is this ship and where is it?

    That ship is here https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/142961-shipwrights-guild-hall-wips-feedback-and-advice/&page=2 ;) Btw I love that thread, very insightful!
  2. Elusys Ra Arwal


    Your work is stunning as usual, Congratulations!
  3. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    As for a small update, here are the anchors, though I think this model will be reworked a bit because I am not too fond of it, but I don't really hate it either.
  4. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    Yes the midsections and bow are the dark brow ones, I liked its "chocolate" look also because under certain light or lack thereof it almost looks like a sort of black, which is nice. In fact originally I planned to have the hull black and then the white border and black again, then I switched to the reddish brown, but it was too light and ended up with the dark brown. About the problem of the break of the white curvature I know it and I don't hate it too much, but I agree that it suddenly blocks it. So far I haven't really thought about a way to make that part custom built, leaving only the lower part of the bow prefab, being it made out of two separate pieces. About the stretched part you mention, I can give you an explanation for it. The first few pictures are old renders. Since I took inspiration from another builder, he used less cannons and so they were symmetrically spaced, I wanted more, so it started making less sense, so I tried a few ways to make it look better, until I gave up and reduced everything and so now everything is symmetrical ans spaced properly, this can be seen from the last picture posted in this thread. So the gap you mention is less evident, although in the old version, right next to the ladder there would have been two hoses that would have reduced visually the gap, even if the effective distance would have been still a bit larger compared to the other cannons.
  5. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    @iammac For the design of those pumps you have to thank another user, not me. I took that design from "Concorde" of Imperial Shipyards, he really did an amazing job on historical accuracy. If I would nitpick on that ship, I'd say I didn't like the use of glue on the ratlines and other parts and the use of this techinic pin on the ratlines, instead of two of these wheels. That aside, great build and, like him, there are others too that for accuracy and details are true masters. You should check his work out As for my ship, You're in part correct. I am going for a kind of UCS Black Seas Barracuda and I am not going for historical accuracy in the sense that I'm not replicating any particular ship model and I'm not trying to make every part of it accurate, though I'm attempting to incorporate just a few elements, so to have a pseudo-realism on some parts and liberties on others. For example, the interior I made is slightly accurate because you have those little trays with the cannonballs and, attached to the wall, two of the many tools needed to man a cannon, but given the space available, I couldn't include everything I wanted. I tried to put on the walls these plates, because I wanted to run those cables that you find around cannons, though I know I'd need so much more room to insert other hooks and pulleys, etc. The pumps you mentioned were inserted there because they're supposed to be on the ship, maybe not where I placed them, but space doesn't allow me to do better. Another thing I am working on is the capstan, and on here I found a wonderful tutorial made by Sebeus I, which is about a functional one. The only problem is its space requirements and, because there's no room to implement it in the way he made it, I have to create something similar and working for both anchors, though without using too much space.
  6. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    @iammac Don't worry, you're not late to the party... I ended up settling with the black brick, looks good and maybe that yellow was too much for that part, instead subtle accents works better. Anyway I have updated the interior of the ship and I moved as far back as the lower deck allowed me, and then next will be the cabin, since the part just above the lower deck it is already finished. Anyway here are the views to the area: @Anders T That's indeed a very good solution to the problem, yes less smooth, but very inventive, thanks! Although, as I just said, I think I'll stick with the black brick because it doesn't break too much the line of the ship and it is not too yellow. this is because above the flower where the yellow brick was supposed to be, there will be the railing and I am considering it to be yellow too, like the one that goes to the front. Although I might end up with black, otherwise there will be too much yellow. Thank you all really for the interest and suggestions!
  7. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Na Korowaiwai 1854 by js_customs581

    It is really amazing, the palms are what struck me the most. Overall so much detail and creativity. Bravo!
  8. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    Small update with the interior, or a possible version of it. On the left side of the picture, where the cannon is located, there are two small doors on each side.
  9. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    Don't worry because I haven't placed the order to the seller, so it is not "too late" yet... even if, as I said before, maybe it is not totally worth investing so much money on just two bricks that add some flavor, but aren't really this indispensable to the final look of the ship. On a side note, once I build this ship it will be my first true MOC, as in buying pieces and putting them together. In the past, when I was little, I built one alternative ship from the SES, the broken one you can see in the first picture on the back of the box. I modified it, and turned it into a functioning ship, but I never really bought any extra pieces because back in 1995 internet was still in 56kb modems and I didn't have a pc until 2003, so I didn't really think about these things were even possible... Also here in Italy, to my knowledge at least, there weren't shops from Lego where they sold bricks... just regular toy stores from where you buy your set and that is it. Then I discovered places like this, where people showed these amazing builds and I wondered how much would that cost and how many sets they'd need to buy in order to do something so articulated. Then I read people talking about bricklink, so I started seeing things and prices there but I never really bothered buying anything until now..heheh Maybe for the MOC/MOD of the SES alternate model I'll open a topic and post there some pictures, as soon as I dust it well and nice! So back on topic, I just started using stud.io, (actually I have to write something to their forum because basically, for no reason, bricks don't snap and they get placed in the middle of the studs, as in halfway, and to get them correctly I have to slowly move them and then they get displaced etc... so there's that to be solved) and I noticed that it provides some prices, but then I have controlled them on bricklink by entering the id number of the pieces and that yellow one is very expensive because this shop in Canada is the only one selling them and has got 6 parts... Then there's only one in italy and it is very cheap, but there's only one available and this shop has got a minimum purchase price. I tried to meet the minimum requirements, looking for any brick I could buy, but I couldn't make it because he didn't have what I needed, so back to the Canadian store. Since it is not a really necessary brick but just aesthetics I think I can deal with the black one and put that money in some other bricks I found are quite expensive as well, to make custom cannons and some columns for the interior of the ship. I sort of found a solution to the problem, but I think I'll save that money for other things I'll need later. Thank you for your opinion, I appreciated it and don't worry about lengthy posts because I am long-winded too sometimes
  10. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    Thank you @Littleworlds, @Faladrin and @Ultimo for the reply. I think I'll follow your suggestion and discard that yellow brick. @Littleworlds as soon as I saw that minifigure, I just loved her. I was looking for some kind of goddess that could represent victory and war, that's why in my mock up I have the shield and bow (even if both don't exist in yellow) just for an idea, then she came up and it was just the perfect thing to place on the front.
  11. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship

    Hello everyone, I've been following this forum for years now and I have always admired all of your creations and I must say you're all amazing. So, Inspired by all of your creativity, I thought to start building some pirate ship because it is the theme I love the most and it is also something I have been wanting to do for a long while. Recently I downloaded Studio app from bricklink and I started putting together something reminiscent of the Black Seas Barracuda as for color scheme and decorative elements, even if maintaining a certain kind of difference from the ship itself. This is nothing definitive and still a WIP by the way, and it is inspired by a ship of another builder regarding some of its parts. I've started checking bricklink for pieces and I encountered a little problem about a specific brick and its color/availability/price. Not really knowing what should I do, I decided to ask you all for advice. The brick in question is this one https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?id=136115&idColor=3#T=C&C=3 and I need it yellow. I found it, but it costs around $40 for a pair. I posted a picture here so you understand where it goes and the effect that it gives to the silhouette of the ship. To cut on prices, (because from that same sellers I am also buying the hull's midsections and the red flags, totaling $80 + shipping to italy, which I don't know how much it is yet...!!!) I decided to change the color and this is the result: The problem is I can't really decide between the first and second version, because I like the former a bit more than the latter (even if the latter is is not that bad). Maybe I am not yet used to seeing it in that color, so I need some time to adjust to it, but I think the yellow brick does add something. Its main purpose was a nod to the front part of the cabin on the BSB, which has got that yellow frame that almost wraps around the entrance of the cabin, and it was also a way to break the black area. So what do you all think, should I just go for it and call it a day? Here are a couple more pictures of the first version, seen from two different angles: On a side note, the figurehead of the ship will be the "battle goddess" minifigure, but with the golden wings.
  12. Elusys Ra Arwal

    Ciao a tutti

    Hello everybody! My name's Guglielmo and I'm from southern Italy, Naples. I've been in love with LEGO since I was 5 and Pirates, Castle and Space have been my favourite themes so far. I'm finishing my studies in Composition and the Royal Conservatory of Naples and start Musicology afterwards. I'm happy that this amazing community exists and the amount of great inventive builders in here is astounding! So congratulations to Everyone of you!