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  1. Elusys Ra Arwal


    I know what you mean, on my ship I just added temporary stays and shrouds and rudimentary paper sails, just to have an idea of what to do and how much space I'd have left, plus how much detailed I want it to be and on one side I want to go full into it and on the other I think it would be too much time and then be difficult to move it around, because it is lego, so easy to have anything snap and then good luck putting it back together with all the ropes in place! Also, I want it to be accessible, so dismantling each and every rope, just to access the lower deck or the cabin is time consuming. I still don't know... on top of that I'd like to make my own ropes so to control thickness, length etc. also because the look of it is way better compared to premade ones. For blocks and pulleys I am going to buy the wooden ones for modeling, because the size of lego wheels are okay-ish but not what it should be, so I prefer buying those and make everything like that. I used to build ship models in the far past, and I had some leftover blocks I used on the Renegade Runner. It came out ok and I still like it, although there are some things I didn't bother making it right back 10 years ago, because I was just having fun. Here are some pics I just took, to give you an Idea: @NOD I am really happy you found the instructions easy and understandable! I know that allocating space on these ships, with all the restrictions we have to work around, it is hard, but manageable to get a decent result! So just take your time, enjoy the process and you'll see it will come together nicely. Also for first attempts I suggest to try on some random ropes and attaching them temporarily, to understand where goes what and how much space you have and what you want to insert.
  2. Elusys Ra Arwal


    Since you want to keep it simple, you can follow what rock raider did to his ship Birch, because he put in place most of what's needed as "standing rigging", which means all the ropes of a ship which serve to support the masts forward, aft and laterally. You can follow the diagram and make it look complete, like it has been done on the ship in this thread: The Stays: They pull the shrouds (the lines on the side of the masts that are used to climb them) so it creates a balance between the shrouds pulling from one side and the stays from the other. As you can see from the picture, each rope is linked to the following section of the mast and they are not linked together. Here's a view of what I'm talking about: To counterbalance these, you have the backstays and shrouds: The numbers from 1 to 17 are the stays The numbers from 18 to 29 are the backstays The number 30 is the shrouds with ratlines The number 31 are the bobstays The number 32 are the jibstays So this is how it looks like with every standing line, which is (again), what rock raider did. The remaining lines, the running rigging, are many, but for the sake of playability, you could do quite fine with just adding a couple of lines to the end of the sails and attaching them to the ship for the lower ones, and to the yards to the upper ones and be done very quickly
  3. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship "Parthenope"

    Well, I did think about it and I might order a couple of them but in September, when I'll make some orders on bricklink. Meanwhile I wanted to try making it since I have lots of 3l bars and some 4l ones, so no big deal!
  4. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship "Parthenope"

    Thank you very much! I am glad you liked the anchor, but the idea of it unfortunately didn't come from your design, but from this one: The things I modified are the length of the rod that links the wooden part to the lower part because this one is too short, and I also modified the length of the arms, which were too long. I also had to change the attachment of the anchor, because using that modified tile with clip didn't hold the anchor parts securely and effectively, so my workaround was using those wedged plates to cover the brick with "studs on all sides". Then a problem arose, too much gray! And then I was trying to figure out why Lego never made those pieces, and some others too, black as well... I mean, come on! Anyway, with some spray paint I colored those pieces in black and voilĂ , problem solved! I also made a different anchor, by cutting in half a small 3L bar and gluing it on one side of a longer 4L one to make this type of anchor: this is what I have made so far: I have to make rings, put the ropes in place and then find a spot on the bridge where to put them, because there's not so much room!
  5. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [TUTORIAL] How to make your own rope for Lego MOC's

    I wanted to make a ropewalker and I saw this machine which is great, costs around $200... so I thought, lego! and I barely started trying to figure out a way to make it in studio, then because of time constrictions, I didn't have enough spare time to work on it etc. Though the video is clear and on his channel there are some older versions, so one may try different ways: then I found this video of this yarn twister made of lego, which is somewhat the goal. although I don't know how much tension can make it on other kinds of rope, compared to that wool one: and then there's this more classic style ropewalker, which is used in model building, this one made out of bricks. this is an example of a regular one: the only problem is that you need a lot of room to make long ropes, compared to the first two models above which are self-contained
  6. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship "Parthenope"

    Thanks! I'll post some more pictures soon, both renderings and real ones. I am in the process of substituting all the temporary ropes I used throughout the ship with better ones, but I have to order the cables and make them first, then order all the blocks and pulleys etc. and I am going to use the wooden ones for modeling, same for the ropes. I don't think I will install every single rope you'd find on a model, because it would then be almost impossible to open or modify it, though I want to make it as finished as possible. So in the meantime I like showing off snippets of it here and there. I also am slowly building the crew, so I have to decide first which faces, torsos and legs to combine and then hope to find everything from one shop and place the order! That will be a challenge... If any of you knows of a place or a few shops on bricklink that aren't expensive and are in Europe, I'll be happy to check them all!
  7. Elusys Ra Arwal


    Well, you did a very good job and it shows! The sails construction is nice, although you need to add more strings to maneuver them all... That being said, I like the color-scheme, the shape, and the solutions adopted.
  8. Elusys Ra Arwal


    @NOD I read the thread better and I saw his answer, I'm sorry!
  9. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Pirate ship "Parthenope"

    Hello everybody, this is not a real update, just a teaser view of the interior of the cabin and the ship's wheel: At the wheel we have sailing master Thomas Sharp about to inspect the horizon through his telescope, while Pepsy enjoys his new perch... While on deck everything seems calm and under control, inside the captain's cabin something quite dangerous is going on. An intruder is trying to steal a map with information on a cargo ship directed to the Spanish Main to collect gold. Unfortunately no one aboard suspected that the new recruit, Craig Hawks, was a spy working for Captain Naft, sworn enemy of Captain Flint. Fortunately, Mr. Hayward noticed Hawks' strange behavior and after following him for several days, he caught him in the act of taking the map!
  10. Elusys Ra Arwal


    I really love this ship and also that you made a working rudder using the mechanism that you'd find on a ship of this type and era. I wanted to do that to mine as well, but then I wouldn't have been able to access the cabin anymore, so I decided to not do it. The colourscheme is nice, the rigging and the sails are a delight and I really like the stern decorations and shape. How did you print the name of the ship on those tiles?
  11. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] The Construction of Fort Brickleton

    It is coming along very nicely!
  12. Elusys Ra Arwal

    What type of ship is the Black Seas Barracuda?

    I think it is something else. It could very well be just a hybrid ship where it was a small brig that was updated a bit and turned into what we see today. I've checked the ship types online and it is difficult to place it somewhere. 1. If you look at this image of a 17th c. frigate, it could lean towards that, but the sails for each mast are 3 not 2, without considering the mizzen mast: Here we have a cabin that rises higher than the rest of the ship, it is quite ornate and we don't have that many cannons and one bridge, open in this case. 2. It could be a converted Polacca, but the angled foremast makes it too much trouble for a crew to change it to a straight one just for aesthetics: Also the cannons disposition is quite peculiar, so it is not a real match, just the size of the ship and the raised cabin could be close to ours. 3. I'd esclude the East Indiaman because they're big ships, compared to the BSB. 4. The brig could be a viable option, but the problem then is the cabin being at the same level as the rest of the ship, so, size aside, it is not a real match: So I think it could be a converted small 17th century frigate, updated for the new century needs, which makes it a custom type of ship. On top of that adding the fact that Lego ships don't really follow any rule other than looking nice, catchy and most of all, idealized, (pirates = red striped sails) I wouldn't focus so much on its real counterpart because there really isn't one, unless you go for compromises and "justify" your creation with a nice story of how it came about...
  13. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOD] Skull Island 6279

    From a visual perspective that yellow brick does give more color-appeal to the whole set, but from a logical standpoint, it doesn't make sense. Maybe using larger yellow bricks and creating a real large sand area would have increased the cost of the set or maybe they were supposed to use yellow bricks because they needed to get rid of them somehow? Even the table with the red top and the yellow "legs" is kind of weird, though visually is tied in by the other red and yellow accents, but yes... sometimes they just make weird choices as you said.
  14. Elusys Ra Arwal

    Modding the Barracuda thread

    @ARC-trooper Jakes I created the studio model before the set was published on april 1st (the base is made by @Robin_IV) and I made the sails that way just to have the look of the folded sails, but they're not meant to be really attached to the yards, in fact they clash with them. You could build them using those pieces and inserting axles inside to hold them together. If you want I can make a model in studio for you so you can use it. For attaching said brick-sails to the yards instead, one should find the right way to do it, though I am sure that would become too much heavy for the yard itself, even if one can find a solution to keep them attached and properly balanced.
  15. Elusys Ra Arwal

    [MOC] Late Renaissance Carrack

    Masts aside, every detail is just perfect. The color-scheme is great with those nice red accents, the overall shape and organic design makes you love it from every angle! Bravo