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  1. Campistron

    [MOC] Classical Theatre stage

    Thank you all for all theses kind and enthousiastic comments ! I hope all enought people on Lego Ideas will think like you ! Yes I know, I totaly agree with you ! That's why I precised on Lego Ideas that the project can includ power function, but that it works without too ! There is still a lot of time left on Lego Ideas ! and the simplest would be that enough people vote for the project so that it has one thing to become an official Lego set. But if within a year the project has not gathered enough support, then yes I would put the buildings insctructions on Bricklink !
  2. Hi everyone, I'm here today to present you my latest creation : a theatre stage and is modular background. This MOC is composed of 3 separable modular elements that include the theatre stage, wings, dress circle box and two rooms behind the stage : the playwright's study and the actress's dressing room. The set include enough pieces to build (using the same parts) several stage sets to represent various backgrounds : a front door, a balcony, a living room, a dinner room, a bedroom, a science room, a throne room, a sepulchre, and even an other theatre stage in the main theatre stage ! The MOC also include several play functions : a trap door on the stage than you can open and close, two drawers to stock extra parts or minifig accessories and four LED lights who works with power functions elements hidden under the stage ! This creation make possible to recreated the most famous plays of Shakespeare, Molière, etc. You can use this MOC as a puppet show, using lego shaft to action minifigs. I published this creation on Lego Ideas. So, if you like it and wishe it become one day a real Lego set, you can support it by following this link : Thank you !
  3. To the loyal subjects of the realm : In order to accompany the official meeting between his majesty, King Philip I, and the ambassador of Corrington, the royal comedians are proud to present you on the same evening two little plays wrote by one of the most famous Corrington local histrion : Romeo and Juliet : And Much ado about nothing : No doubt that the unrivaled talent of the royal comedians from Oleon will give these comedies a fame and a glory that no Corrington actor would have been able to give them ! This show is a gesture of good will conceded by our glorious king to the Corrington ambassador to prove to him that Oleon has no hostile intention towards Corrington. For that, King Philip I, and the ambassador of Corrington will watch the show sitting at the first places. All Oleon people are invited to come and watch this show : the entrance ticket is fixed at only 5DB for everyone ! If you wish, you can also support the royal comedians from Oleon and their leader, the Marquis de Mascarille, by becoming one of these official patrons. Nothing's easier : you just have to vote here for the construction of this new Oleon theatre stage ! Thank you and enjoy the show !
  4. To the loyal subjects of the realm: In order to promote culture of our dear Oleon, his majesty, King Philip I, ordered the construction of a great theater. With his protection and blessing, the royal comedians lead by the Marquis de Mascarille have established themselves in this brand new building. This troupe, renowned in all provinces of the Kingdom of Light, settled here for the only purpose of entertaining his majesty and all his loyal subjects ! For that, it will make a duty to propose to you a new comedy play each evening ! This evening, the royal comedians of Oleon are pleased to offer you their last creation : The Affected Youg Ladies, a play written and performed by the Marquis de Mascarille himself ! In spite of all the rumors peddled by all the malicious grumpy, we can guarantee that this piece is just a harmless farce and that the king himself laughed at it ! There is the plot : Two young women from the provinces who have come to Oleon in search of precious love. On stage comes Mascarille and Jodelet, two young men who pretend to be sophisticated men of the world. The two young ladies fall in love. But it is revealed that these two men are impostors whose real identities are valets ! Come to support the opening of the great theater of his majesty ! And continue to support efforts of the Marquis de Mascarille to promote Oleon culture beyond the borders of the kingdom ! Vive le Roi
  5. Campistron

    [MOC] Theatre stage with modular background

    Thank you ! Yes I plan some updates ! I hope I could make a Romeo and Juliet scene for valentine's day :-) But I want use only the pieces still on the set, so it's not easy ^^ I just want show people all the possibilities of this MOC !
  6. Campistron

    [MOC] Theatre stage with modular background

    This is exactly the thing I haved in mind when I imagined this project ! I'm glad you like it ! Maybe one day ours own kids will play their own comedies plays with this set ! ;-)
  7. Thank you for this very kind introduction !! So, hi everyone ! I would like to introduce my character and to pledge his allegiance to the Empire of Oleon. My character is known as the « Marquis de Mascarille ». He is the illegimate son of an old nobleman from Oleon. Unfortunatly, after the die of his father, his old brother, the legimate hair, tried to make him kill to secure his own legacy and the purity of the family bloodline ! Forced to flee and hide, he found refuge in a traveling comedy troupe where he took the stage name of « Marquis de Mascarille » to hide his true identity. Under this mask, he continues to serve the monarchy like his father before him, but in his own way : he writes and plays comedies in which he mocks puritanism and influence of the Order of the Faith in order to reenforced the power of the king. The Marquis de Mascarille is now a renowned author and comedian in all Oleon and his theater is always filled by an ever-increasing crowd that comes to cheer him every night ! But his most recent successes – Tartuffius and Dominus Giovannius – have attracted the attention of the Order...
  8. Campistron

    [MOC] Theatre stage with modular background

    Just star to see the link you suggest ! This is huge and enthousiastic ! But I drowned a little bit in the flow of information and I do not know where to start! But I will definitly thinking about a character !
  9. Campistron

    [MOC] Theatre stage with modular background

    Thank you, I'm glad this thematic please you and so many people so far :-)
  10. Hi everyone, I'm here today to present you my latest creation : a theatre stage and is modular background. Inspired by the look of one of the most important public theatres in France during the seventeenth century - the Théâtre du Palais-Royal –, this MOC makes possible to represent all the comedies you want ! The main part of this MOC is the stage itself and, of course, the arc of stage with the curtain. The arc uses some Lego architecture building techniques to represent with the most accuracy the Palais-Royal's arc of stage as we know it from archive's documents. This is the very one place where Moliere has represented his most famous plays. Thanks to a few techniques pieces hidden inside the structure, the built is very strong and can be easily handled without breaking. At the back of the theater, there is a very simple mecanisme who makes possible the openning of a trappe on the stage. There also a little door who makes possible to stock extra pieces and minifigure's accessories under the stage. These pieces and minifigure's accessories come from the other part of this project. Indeed, beside the stage, this MOC come with a secondary kit of pieces. Inspired by the rebuilt's process "3 in 1" from the Creator's modeles, this set of pieces makes possible to build several stage background and accessories to represent multiple wealthy interiors : the « salon » who come with a sedan chair ; the scientist's cabinet with a telescope ; the diner's room with a table, an armchair and a carpet ; and the bedroom with, of course, the bed ! And finaly, this MOC uses five minifigures who represent actors and actresses. As real actor changing costume between differents plays, these minifigures can exchange heads, hairs and accessories to incarne different characters. This MOC make possible to represent at least six comedies of Molière, the most famous playwriter on french literature : Dom Juan, Tartuffe, The Misanthrope, The Imaginary Invalid (Le Malade imaginaire), The Learned Ladies (Les Femmes savantes) and The Affected Young Ladies (Les Précieuses ridicules). But, of course, minifigures and pieces can be used to build any other play ! I have presented this MOC on Lego Ideas because I think it could be a really cool Lego set for everyone ! So, if you like it, you could support it and share it ! ;-) (you also can see other picture with more close up on Ideas) Thank you everyone, don't hesitate to leave a comment to tell me what do you think of this MOC !