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  1. bileam

    Lucky LEGO Train Finds

    I found two sealed 7996 Train Rail Crossing in a shop that sold toys from bankruptcy portions. About 17 american dollars each...
  2. bileam

    LDD MOC: Long Railway Engine Shed

    I'm intressed in all ideas for a bigger Train Shed. My plan is to double the lenght of the original and increas the height and width of the doors. And some other changes, most inspired by other peoples buildings. So please, upload the LXF Ingemar
  3. bileam


    Time to introduce me, i'll suppose... I'm 34 years old and live in Sweden, near Gothenburg. I've been in to Lego train since i got the 7710 when I turned 7 years. Then I got the sleeperwagon and postwagon for the 7740, but never the real train :-( After the usual "dark age" (but I always followed the company and the new catalogs, and thankfully never sold any of my Lego!) I started to work and earned some money. Time to get the trains I dreamed of! 7740, 7745, 7735 and so on! And then I went on to 9V and bought some of the great trains of that time. Now that I've have a house, the sauna has become my Lego-room, and I'll try to get som time to do some MOCs between work, house and family. Ingemar
  4. bileam

    LDD MOC: Railroad Locomotive Transfer Table

    This was a very nice solution. I've been planning a transferboard for years, and have made some tryouts over the years. As a matter of fact i was working on it yesterday evening. This will make me increase my efforts! I hope to be able to show some pictures eventually. Nice work!