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  1. I promise. I shall do that in the future. And Myers LEGO Technic: I have got one more chance it looks like and now I try to do my best. Not like last time. And I take advices if I get it. I am not like before and I will show that I can change.
  2. Helge

    [Moc WW2] Battle of France

    Cool!!! Especially I like the tank. Great MOC.
  3. I shall make instructions in Ldraw for this MOC. Now it is only photos. Do not worry. I have permission, I even know the Designer full name and I have him as friend on Facebook, and he became happy because I shall have no payment and he just get it. When I have made finish then he shall upload my drawings of his MOC.
  4. Helge

    Fantastic car. Citroen 2CV

    Sorrry, by Nico71, then. It was not the meaning to take the honor for it.
  5. Helge

    Little [MOC]. Citroen HY

    I made this little MOC some weeks ago. It is a Citroen HY.
  6. Helge

    Fantastic car. Citroen 2CV

    Is it one more topic? Ok. Sorry
  7. Helge

    Fantastic car. Citroen 2CV

    I shall help you. Here you can download: http://www.nico71.fr/citroen-2cv-charleston/
  8. Look at this fantastic Cittoen 2CV I shall build this car so I downloaded the PDF and made this book to myself. (only one book to myself - I do not sell them)
  9. Helge

    Retro MOC of LEGO 8860 from 1980

    I make instructions to my MOC now. Then I use Ldraw. I used ca 3 days to consturct and build my car but instructions takes longer time. Here is from step 29. And here he is standing beside "grandfather." We must say grandfather because in 2016 is was another designer, Crowkillers, who also made a retro version of 8860 one year ago. As you see mine is 30% smaller than the original one. I tried to make a smaller version than the original but modern and make it so you see at once which car is is a retro of. It is not too different I think. It is acseptable. I wanted it made in modern LEGO but with the same type of gearbox as the original one. Not so modern. The 8860 has really inspiried people, and it is therefore I posted in the Special theme category because 8860 is a theme that has given much inspiration to people. Here is one examle, but you know it allready from another topic on forum so. Made by Crowkiller, one of many people who made their own version.
  10. I use Ldraw to make instructions to my MOCs. It is much better and has more parts. My Retro 8860 become drawn in Ldraw
  11. Helge

    Retro MOC of LEGO 8860 from 1980

    Yes. I have been banned. But I have learned much in meantime and this time I shall behavior good. I nicely ask for only ONE chance more to show that also I can change. Forums is a thing I just LOVE. But now I shall be good boy. I ask for forgiveness.
  12. Helge

    Retro MOC of LEGO 8860 from 1980

    Instruction in production. I use Ldraw to make instructions now, also with parts list. When that is finished then I upload them to rebricable so also you can build this nice model - a real retro.
  13. I made a retro MOC of 8860 from 1980. The LEGO 8860 is a classic one that I will call a theme because it is so many private persons who has made different versions of it. My moc has all the functions that the original one has plus suspention also on front wheels. 3 speed gearbox, 4 sylinders, adjustable seats, suspention on all wheels, and steering, of course.