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  1. jonnypanic2000

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    Disappointed at the lack of printing on the Fleet Trooper legs. They go to all that effort with the body, but can't be bothered to just do a little bit of pocket work? It actually makes the figure as a whole look oddly unbalanced.
  2. jonnypanic2000

    LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    I was sceptical, at least on seeing the still image. However, if you look at the footage carefully I think it may well be the real deal. And let's face it, I find it hard to believe that Disney would put out a Solo movie without sticking Fett in it.
  3. jonnypanic2000

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    An icy Mon Calamari - one of Admiral Raddus' team - would have been nice, and very apt for the wintry theme. I just don't get some of the calendar choices.