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  1. Brickporn2016

    [MOC] (TLBM) Batman's stitching

    Hey folks, thank you for the nice comments so far - glad you like it. Of course I am supposed to send you Batman's regards as well - he's totally excited as well, already dreaming of some Martha Stewart feature ;-). Cheers, Cris
  2. Brickporn2016

    [MOC] TLBM - Catwomen`s 9 Livez

    He he, @badchriss - "cat-esque" is a nice one too, sounds even more urbane :-). Sure a 9 V would be quite odd , but on the other hand in some other fantastic dimension it might be rather commonplace, just think of flying phone boxes . Anyway, was by no means thought as "criticism", just some crazy idea. Of course the name / title of the Hotrods fits fine with it's "standard" motor as well :-). Cheers, Cris
  3. Brickporn2016

    [MOC]: ACE, "The Chemical Place"

    Hey @Captain Nemo, very nice build and MOC - really love it. So well done - love the detailed realization of the industrial style and esp. the "simple" but perfect representation of some propably heavily toxic chemistry in those tanks, not to forget the nice "overflow" on the back side. Cheers, Cris
  4. Brickporn2016

    [MOC] (TLBM) Batman's stitching

    Hi all together, after quite a long time of rather passive reading, I'll jump in at the deep end and share a little MOC-scene. Did you ever marvel (< ha ha, hidden irony in a Batman-post?) at the source of all these new weird outfits Batman showed up in the latest movie? Quite simple: lonley lounging around in his Batcave, some day while surfing Batstagram, Batwanda and Batsy, and after clicking through endless chains of related-videos in the depth of DIY-posts on Battube, he's got the trendy "self-sewn-bug". Thenceforth he tried out every single idea, no matter how crazy it might have been - he had to stoat it. Come on - which other way would have brought him a pink skirt in his size? You still don't believe? Have a look yourself - some source leaked exclusive insights of his studio to me: (Large versions of the images can be found in the corresponding flickr album.) Cheers Cris
  5. Brickporn2016

    [MOC] TLBM - Catwomen`s 9 Livez

    Hey Chris, nice build - literally can imagine the "roaring purr" that vehicle sure delivers when cruising through Gotham's neighborhoods :-). The only thing I somehow "miss" is another reference to the "nine lives"-title besides of Catwoman's "catish" (guess that's some new word-creation ;-)) existence, offhand thought e.g. of some 9-valve-motorblock . Of course, technically nonsense, but come on, we're in the kingdom of fantasy :-). Cheers, Cris
  6. Brickporn2016

    Upgrade to the Arkham Asylum

    Hey @durazno33, wow - as a fan of all DC- (and Marvel- ) based stuff I really enjoyed your impressive recreation and improvement of the Asylum! Very beautiful and atmospheric with all its details - best of all it's really a nice and perfect MOC to be displayed, having a real base and area around. Cheers, Cris
  7. Brickporn2016

    [MOC] Classic Cathedral

    Hey @Francesxjoe, wow, holy cow - very impressive build! On first sight I "only" thought "huh, wow - looks big, plenty bricks, nice catch of the overall shape / look", but then I clicked further to get some more detailed view and really started marveling at all these nice details that in the first place lead to the great overall view as well. Spotted some really clever ideas and "tricks" to realize the different ornaments; very inspiring. And, last but not least, you found some great way to make pretty good use of some "discoloured" bricks :-). The only thing that came up to my mind that might get it (for me) even more beautiful could be some "coloured" window-art in the center perhaps, but of course that shall not detract from the praise of your fine MOC, just a thought. I'm curious whether you will add some more to "complete" it or leave it as it is. Regards, Cris