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  1. Toxic43

    Dual Horizon Express best set up

    My setup is two PF train motors in the lead loco and a pole reverse switch to make both run in the same direction, along with a set of PF lights. With those two motors in the front, I can pull the whole train to full speed on fresh batteries. Reversing is a different matter. If I have to reverse, it's slow speeds and no harsh switch negotiations. I find as long as the track is smoothed out, I have no issues in reverse. I had planned to put another two motors in the rear loco and another battery box, but it just doesn't need it. When my youngest is old enough to not need to separate it all the time due to wanting "just the carriages", I'll run a PF extension to the rear, a set of lights and some red cheese slopes for the full effect. A worthwhile mod for your lead loco is below also:
  2. Toxic43

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    No prelims of the train itself, however there was the Goofy Minifig from the other day (Head and now torso/legs as well) and now a new Minnie Mouse fig, with what looks to be a fabric skirt piece. Both those figs are supposed to be from the new Disney train set 71044.
  3. Yes, this is rather like my own line of thinking right now. If it turns out to be a train, especially an emerald night re-release, I'd buy like 3 minimum. If it comes with carriages, then 6 minimum. Credit cards can be paid off, but Lego doesn't stick around for long!
  4. That's a very good point. I may have just perpetuated the old Internet feedback loop a bit!
  5. I don't know I'm afraid. I don't have an Instagram account. I just Google search "Lego leak Instagram" and look at the feed. There are multiple sources citing a Harley Davidson in the creator line.
  6. Same here. Just missed the Horizon Express as my Son wasn't born until after it was retired. He's nearly 5 now and really into trains so of course we now have a full set (at aftermarket prices... ouch). I so really wanted this to be a train. We're overdue one. 2009, 2011 and 2013 all great train sets, and since then? Nothing. Winter Holiday Train doesn't count IMHO. It's no Emerald Night, Maersk or HE that's for sure. That being said, I can understand why it's not a train this time around. The Winter Holiday train is still on shelves along with the station. The station was released after the train, and they won't retire the train before the station now. No, they'll retire them together, which extends the shelf life of the Holiday train by at least a year. Plus the fact that they get trotted out at Christmas time only means that length of shelf life is artificially extended again. There simply won't be another train in the Creator Expert line as long as the Winter Holiday train is still on shelves. I'll be watching for this one to retire with a mixture of glee, and worry. Glee because once it's gone there could be another Creator Expert train along as soon as the year after. Also I worry, because there may never be another train in this line ever again considering how the last true release was almost 7 years ago and Lego don't seem to put any effort into, or have faith in the sales of, trains any more.
  7. Unfortunately several leaks on Instagram seem to back this up. That being said, its all hearsay at this point. I have to say that I'm sorely disappointed with the vehicle choice if this is the case. Target market or not.
  8. Toxic43

    Burlington Northern GP50 With Power Functions In 6 Wide

    Not OP here, but I believe you'd do what I normally do and not screw the battery box together. I have similar loco, and while a rechargeable battery pack would be easier, I do use a standard battery box. I just have to take apart the top of the loco a bit then slide out the battery box innards, leaving the case in place. I can imagine that is how this is likely set up.
  9. Which is a shame because I always like to see what TLG comes up with in 6 wide. I can't get along with 7, 8 or even 10 wide trains. They may be more real scale, but that's not what Lego is about to me. It's about seeing what's possible with the bricks you have; And Lego never usually fail to impress with the trains. I have really enjoyed all but the very latest City trains. Mostly because I think they're not that great value yet for what you get, but that may change if I pick one up on sale. The Emerald night was fantastic for its time. Amazing considering what they were able to achieve with the pieces they used, and in 6 wide! Well, not quite, but the build scale was 6 wide. If they do grace us with a new train, I expect to be impressed!
  10. Yes, this is what I have planned. I just need to find out what pieces I need to get from Bricklink in order to build another jacobs bogie and extend the skirts under the carriages. If anyone has done this and has a list I'd appreciate the help! Anything to get away from more magnets on this already, very, heavy train.
  11. Toxic43

    2019 LEGO Trains - 70424

    I bought a pack of these just over a year ago. They come in 3 packs of 20. I honestly can't tell the difference between the ones that come packaged with the LEGO train and these reproduction parts. It's just a metal axle that's been de-burred and polished. They work great and I have had no issues with them. Great value compared to the original LEGO ones also. Of course everything else in my trains is original, but these axles don't even feel like cheating.
  12. An extra coach would be out of the question given the announced piece count, if it is indeed correct. I would also think that they wouldn't include straight track in the box. It would increase the price dramatically as you would need at least 6 lengths to display the loco, tender and coach. They would probably just skip that and concentrate more on the main build. The announced piece count is 1023 and the original Emerald Night was 1085. They sell a separate track pack with the prerequisite amount of straights required to put the train on. They'd probably just want to push sales of that.
  13. I don't have any of the old kind, but the new kind are not great I have to say. I have a double set of the 10233 Horizon Express. It is so heavy that to move at more than a crawl I modified the front engine to have two motors. It is now so powerful that it can overcome the magnets and break away from the train. I have to really feather the throttle to get it to pull away without breaking free. I have used the 1x2 plate method with success, however the little one loves to separate the trains and mix consists. Bit of frustration on his part when he can't separate the carriages. It's bad enough that the carriages jacobs bogies! And I want to put another one in the middle, linking all 4 together! I must be crazy. But anything for less magnet couplings right?
  14. Yep, I agree. It doesn't count. I just hope LEGO sees it that way, although I can see why they won't. I too have been waiting all this time for another, proper, creator expert train set. I managed to get the HE (two sets!) on the after market for around £350. It is lovely to see, display and have bombing around the modest track we have set up in the attic. Missed Emerald Night and the Maersk though. I had my first child in 2014 and he was way too small for LEGO at the time so we didn't really look into it. Almost 5 years later and the house now has special shelves and building areas just for LEGO only! Back to the subject at hand though. Emerald Night seems like the obvious choice with the piece count being so close and the obvious newer piece choices available now that weren't in 2009. In my mind I can see all the pieces coming together (Figuratively and literally!) and the Emerald Night re release is going to be the one. I mean, the original was for the fans, by the fans right? And it's 10 year anniversary is this year. They brought the Taj Mahal out of the vault. Why not 10194? And I, for one, would love nothing more than to see the aftermarket prices drop through the floor like the Taj did when they re released that! On the other hand, I'm kind of expecting to be disappointed again like I am every year though. Come on LEGO! I bought two Winter Holiday trains and two stations. I bought every City train going from 2010 onward and three 60050 stations! What do I have to do to get you to listen to the train fans?
  15. I think we're all rooting for a train here! Emerald night remake would be awesome!