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  1. Toxic43

    Raspberry Pi hat

    Here's the only set which includes the maker plate: 45681 Very expensive.
  2. Toxic43

    LEGO Trains 2021

    I'm a bit of both I think. I like to build the official sets and then use them as a jumping off point to modify them. I don't have time to fully scratch build something, but I am working on something, albeit slowly. Lego releasing a new Train set is absolutely important to me. I bought every train post 2009 on offer so far except the Emerald night and Maersk. Toy Story Train, Lone Ranger, City 2010 onwards and the crocodile. I even got two copies of the Horizon Express. They're all subtly modified now. 6, 7 or 8 wide doesn't matter to me. That being said I would have thought that we'd have had some information by now on the new sets. But Covid has put an end to toy fairs hasn't it? I'm pretty sure that's where the leaked pictures of the now current cargo train back in 2017 came from. The fact that we saw what was obviously a development mule and not the finished product was fascinating, and I think someone even remodelled the official set to be more like the leaked prototype! Wish I could find that one, I'd love to build it. I can't wait for news on the next city or creator expert trains. There's always a new design, and it is fun to see what the Lego designers do with the theme. We're never going to get different wheel sizes other than the established ones, nor will we see larger radius track. You will always have to go 3rd party for that, but the fun for me is the challenge of building with Lego as a medium; Doing what you can without cutting or painting parts. I'm no scale modeller, but I have fun. And that is the most important thing. Bring on the 2022 Lego train news!
  3. Toxic43

    Metroliner rebuild

    Both points conceded! Regarding the weathering, you are absolutely right. Every locomotive or piece of rolling stock I have ever seen has been covered in grime and dirt, so yeah, very valid point! And, I did not notice the base was built rather than a single piece. That should prove testament to your building skills! I can see clearly now. Looks great. Gives me inspiration for a future 60197 MOC I'm working on.
  4. Toxic43

    Metroliner rebuild

    I like it. I always loved the Metroliner, but have largely given up on the idea of owing one. The re release was still 20 years ago so it is pretty much impossible to afford one now. But I managed to get two sets of he Horizon Express, so I'm happy! That being said, I don't dislike the idea of building my own at some point. I would use only modern pieces, so getting that front right would be a bit of a challenge. The Old Light Grey and new Light Bluish Grey for me are too different to mix, although on yours here it is not as noticeable as I thought it would be, so maybe I could use that front piece? I love the idea of reimagining it as a regional train. I don't have anything like that currently as I have modified all my trains to be fast, mainline express versions, but I like this. Using the 34 stud low train bases is a good choice here to get those low opening doors in. Really great work.
  5. Toxic43

    Railbricks Corrugated Tanker Mod - Advice

    Many thanks guys! I hadn't even considered swapping out the 1x4 plates for brackets. I was trying to use brackets but of course I was always well out of spec. I'll find a solution from one of the above once I'm back home and get studio loaded up. Cheers again. - Andy
  6. Hi all. I'm currently working on a mod of the corrugated tanker from Railbricks issue 10. I have an issue I have caused myself because of the colour choices I went with. Dark Azure for the wheel support structures is fine, but for the ends of the tanker looks wrong as I went with metallic silver for the outer skin. The dilemma is now how do I fill the end with 4 2x2 metallic silver 2x2 tiles. The 2x2 tile is necessary as there aren't any metallic silver bricks of plates I can find that would fill the gap successfully. There is one plate and one tiles worth of space and several attachment points inside the end of the tanker. Problem is that the sideways building and upside down building doesn't give me an easy way to centre up the studs to create a strong attachment point. Heck, I'm having problems getting the tiles to centre up at all. I have posted a render of the open end of the tanker here if you'd like to take a look at what I'm dealing with. This is going to be a long term project as it will take many months, if not years, to accumulate the right amount of metallic silver pieces. But until then, I still need help with figuring the end out. Many thanks in advance. -Andy
  7. Toxic43

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    There was some overlap of a few months with 10194 and 10219 as per Brickset.
  8. Toxic43

    Grey Ridge 4-6-0 no. 26

    Spectacular work here. Every detail seems to be on par with scale modelling. I had to double take at first that I wasn't looking at an LGB G Scale model or similar. The amount of detail is breath taking and the level of detail in the video is something else. Well done. You win the Internet today.
  9. Toxic43

    Single lithium batteries for Power Function trains

    Forgive my ignorance but wouldn't that require connecting in parallel to get extra runtime? Connecting in series increases the voltage by 1x the original for each battery added to the series and connecting in parallel adds 1x the original power, right? I haven't searched for this to confirm my understanding, just blindly posting, so please feel free to correct. I would certainly be interested in adding more voltage and runtime with a decreased footprint. Presently my EN MOC is running a tender containing the AA battery box filled with NiZn batteries. That's a pretty good performer, but if the tender could be a bit lighter that would be good. I could probably drop the height of the tender by a couple of plates too if I could remove the need for the AA battery box for the extra capacity.
  10. Toxic43

    Cargo Railway Reimagined

    This is spectacular! I never had the set as a kid, but saw it recently and decided I'd have to get one someday. Pricey even to just buy parts for this set now. This though... this is great. Great techniques used in the locomotives. Kind of a blend of the original model and an Intercity 125 HST now. I really dig it. The door markings made with plates and slopes... just wow!
  11. Toxic43

    Lego G scale (1:22.5) - Toy Train #2 - "ABL"

    Wow! Thanks for the reply! That chassis looks great, and easy enough to make. I needed to get the dimensions right and yours has done it perfectly. I have most of the parts to knock something together. Maybe now I'll get on and do it this weekend!? I'm waiting on a copy of 42065 to arrive so I can strip the receiver and two L motors out to use in trains. I'll try an L on it's own first. But my Father in law has a lot of rolling stock to pull, so maybe two hard coupled L motors with a reduction gear ratio? I'll try it out and maybe even post a picture or two if I can get it working.
  12. Toxic43

    Lego G scale (1:22.5) - Toy Train #2 - "ABL"

    This is great! I'm in the market for a G Scale loco as my father in law has a layout in his back garden I would like to run on. Something about seeing a Lego G Scale loco running around with the Bachmann Thomas and Friends G Scale stuff just seems like it was meant to be! Your model with the shared platform is exactly what I'm looking for. I love the grille. At first I was like "Why hasn't he used an arch brick?", went off to Bricklink to suggest one then I was like "Oh, that's why!". I like the fantasy aspect. Doesn't have to be modelled exactly to work well. But this does work well, oh so well. Great stuff! By any chance do you have any renders of just the running platform shared between the two? There are limited resources for Lego on G Scale and I'm just starting out really. Many thanks.
  13. Toxic43

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Last night I decided, on a whim, to drive to my local Lego store, about 30 minutes away on the chance they had one in stock. I only bagged the last one on the shelf didn't I!? Picked up the Brickheadz Lucky Cat to take me to £99 and ended up getting an additional 4 sets as GWP: 40411 Summer 12 in 1, 40370 7810 Train 40 years, 40409 Hot Rod and 30412 Friends polybag. Not a bad haul. Now I just need to convince the wife that we need to open it this side of Christmas. She's on about me having it for my Birthday... next year!
  14. Toxic43

    Lego 10277 - Crocodile Locomotive

    Try here: up#T=P
  15. Toxic43

    Browsing Studio - Plaigiarism Alert

    I think he might mean this: