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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I already found someone locally via Bricklink that has cheap new replacements. Hopefully the new parts will be there in a day or so and then I can continue my build this weekend .
  2. Hello, I just restarted my Lego Technic builds after a 25 year gap and bought the wheel loader 42030 to start with. That was a really good build to get to know the many new Technic parts and the way that designs are done in the Lego Technic world these days. Then I found a 2nd hand 8275 - Bulldozer set for a good price. You can clearly see the design differences compared to the wheel loader. But when building this set I noticed that many of the technic bushes are split or broken completely. About 90% of all bushes in the set are broken this way. Is this normal aging for an older set? In my memory these bushes sometimes would break but now I have about 50 with these type on fractures, that seems a bit much.