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    Minifigure scale Y-Wing instructions

    Yeah, that matte painting is good for getting relative scales, but I know the artist took several liberties with perspective for it - for instance the A-Wings at the back are on a different perspective from the X-Wings to their left, despite being at relative similar depths in the hanger. So, not quite perfect, but close. I'd dig around for reference pics of the studio scale models ILM actually built and filmed for the movies - they were all 1/24 scale I think, so all the New Hope fighter ships were built to the same scale (mostly because they used the same pilot figures). Also, the life-size Y-wing and X-wing from ANH would be a good place to reference too. Here's my collection of minifig scale (or close) starfighters. Hope that helps give an idea of scale.
  2. cabooseforlife

    Minifigure scale Y-Wing instructions

    I wouldn't trust that number at all. 24m is way too big for ANH era Y-Wings. These are the filming models, scaled to match the Astromech droids. The X-Wing is 12.5m and the Y-Wing is closer to 16m. All in all, I'd say Brickwright's MOC is pretty darn close.
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    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Having just attempted the first wing using Cehnot's design, I'd be thrilled to see how you did this. Cehnot's may look excellent, but the whole wing is held together rather poorly by 4 studs, all of which are connected to tiles, so they aren't the best join. I'll push on and see how the rest of the build holds up outside LDD.