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    Winter Village: Ice House

    I'd love to the add that truck to my collection. Great build all round though, some fantastic ideas here. Good luck in the competition!
  2. dfaminis

    Winter Village: Glass Blower's Shop & Workshop

    This would be a wonderful addition to the Winter Village. I really like the over all look. It's a great build full of fun features. Good luck in the competition!
  3. dfaminis

    Winter Village: Tea 'n Tomes

    Great build. The bay window is fantastic and the teapot shelf looks just right. The colour scheme is fantastic as well. Good luck in the competition!
  4. Great build. I love the design of the sign and the little adoption centre is a great addition. Good luck in the competition!
  5. I've silently followed the Winter Village competition for several years, and have found it to be a great source of inspiration for my own Winter Village. I thought it time to return the favour and submit one of my own creations in the hope others may gain some inspiration in turn. So here is my submission for the Expand the Winter Village contest VII - A Vintage Petrol Station. Fill up on fuel and food at the Winter Village Petrol Station, Open 24 hours a day for your motoring needs. Even though the shop may be shut at night you can still buy things through the night service window. Broken down? No problem We have a tow truck ready to bring you car to our fully stocked workshop, we'll have you back on the road in no time at all. Play features included - 5 Minifigs - 2 attendants, Mechanic, Truck Driver and Biker Motorbike Old Timer Octan Tanker Truck Old Timer Octan Recovery Truck 2 Petrol Pumps Service Garage with tools, Car Jack, Trolly and Welder Classic Click-On™ Red Tool Storage Trolly Fuel Storage Tank 2 Vending Machines and a Post Box Night Service Window Working Roller Door for the Garage Light Brick Seems one of the staff is a bike fan. He can hardly contain his joy as the Bike's owner grabs a drink for the vending machines. More images available on Flickr Comments and suggestions welcome and thanks for looking!