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    Douglas SBD Dauntless

    hello, I absolutely love this MOC. I want to make it in real LEGO. Is it at all possible to get a digital copy of how this was built? thanks, Kurt
  2. NorthUmFus

    MOC: T4a Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle

    Great work. Love the landing gear. Putting pieces together for my own MOC of shuttle and was looking for just this sort of thing for the landing gear. Thanks for sharing illustration of it.
  3. NorthUmFus


    Hello, my name is Kurt I live in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, USA. I haven't messed around with LEGO in 25 years. My wife got me a Nano Block set for Christmas and that gave me the bug to start building again. I immediately bought 8 Star Wars sets (reading the books is what directed that). Wife thinks I'm crazy, but as long as I keep making shirts (see below) to make spending money she doesn't care. Thanks to MOC pages, Classic Pirates, and this forum I am now wanting to fulfill my ambition to make Royal Navy sailing ship(s). As mentioned above I make shirts. Specifically American Civil War reproduction shirts. I hand sew them for a company. I got into this thru doing historical reenacting. I have many impressions spanning from the American Civil War thru WWII. I've been doing this for 23 years and have experienced many wonderful and crazy things. Now I look forward to building with LEGO again. First goal is to keep the cat from "helping" with pieces. Thanks for allowing me to be apart of this community. cheers, Kurt
  4. NorthUmFus

    Kurigan's Rigging Tutorial Discussion Thread

    This tutorial is excellent. I was wondering how I was going to attach the lines to the hull. I look forward to more like this. Thanks