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  1. Two simple rules of Economics in effect here: 1) Individual parts always cost more than the complete product. Think of your car or your gadgets; replacement parts are always extortionately priced, just because they can. 2) Make a product of high desirability or demand attractively prices as a package part, and very expensive separately. People will buy the set for the parts, spending more money than intended, in order to get a better deal. In addition, those who would only by the one part anyway, will be extorted for their set minds. Maximize profits, people. The chorus of Economics. The prices will drop significantly in a couple of years to keep stock moving.
  2. I would have thought it might help to increase the force around the stepper piece; it seems that the gearbox lingers undecidedly between 90 degree intervals when it struggles to shift. Don't know if it would prohibit shifting altogether though, would probably need some testing.
  3. hjxbf

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    The Osprey was a contender for the renewal of Norwegian Civil SAR helicopters a few years back, so it has been marketed towards a non-military application.
  4. This is excellent! If there ever comes an official working set like this one, I'd buy several copies. This is what Technic is all about! Functionality, ingenuity, looks, all in one.
  5. hjxbf

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Oh, there would be reviews available, all right. But they wouldn't be Eurobricks reviews, they would be Brothersbrick or Brickset or whatever. To some users, that would be a great loss. To some, it wouldn't. But it is a tall order to ask the runners of this site to possibly give up on something that both appeals to a large audience, generates a fair amount of traffic, and keeps their own interests fresh, for some additional discussion freedom which appeals to fewer users. One is always free to set up a brand independent forum oneself, though, if one disagrees with a particular forum's rules 😉
  6. hjxbf

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Superfluous question, IMO. If I were TLG, I would only provide sets for review to sites and forums who employ and enforce "LEGO only rules". What would you prefer, fewer reviews or the freedom to speak about competing brands? We may dislike arrangements like that, even fight it, but there would be dozens of other sites who would be eager to pick up the reviews and followers associated with those.
  7. OK is also used by Milan Reindl, as these are the official Czech aircraft markings. Found on both 42040 and 42052, IIRC.
  8. hjxbf

    [MOC] RC Range Rover III

    Very curious to see how the transmission is built! I believe I built a copy many years ago of (your?) two speed gearbox which could switch while driving. It was basically a 12-20 gear combo mounted on a pulley pair, rotated 180 degrees by a servo to invert the ratio. Very cool concept for light cars! but suffered under excess torque. As this car is significantly bigger, I assume the transmission is a lot more robust. Looking forward to seeing it!
  9. If you want a relatively cheap set that showcases a lot of functional principles, I heartily recommend 42025! It has some motorized, some manual control. It utilizes both a function gearbox and directly operated levers. It transmits motion both by gears and by linkages. And it only consists of parts of high general usage value in very usable colours. And, despite its average piece count, is huge and impressive when finished. One of my personal all-time favourites!
  10. hjxbf

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    I agree! I skipped those sets as well 😉
  11. hjxbf

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    So basically a smaller 42050, at a higher price point and no B model. Inclusion of suspension is nice, though. I'll probably pass on this one, I hope the money is better spent on other sets.
  12. hjxbf

    42111 - Fast & Furious car

    It should be postponed. Global economy has taken a hit, and people will have less money to spend on LEGO. Therefore it makes sense to release fewer sets per year until the economy and willingness to spend recovers.
  13. May not need positional feedback when used for propulsion, as no calibration will be needed. So a splitter cable for propulsion only should be doable, as that is the service which both requires most motors as well as low accuracy. Port current limits may be restrictive, though.
  14. This is very cool, I'm impressed!
  15. I may be in the other camp, I specifically buy extra copies of sets with cool B-models, in order to have both displayed at the same time. My favourite so far is the 42055 B-model, absolutely fabulous build and unique functionality. Also bought multiples of 42078, 42030, 8258, 8285, 9397, 42020, 42025, 42043, 42053 and 42080. Would never do that for the supercars or other single purpose models, so there is additional revenue to have from making B-models...