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  1. Yes the box was not "sealed" it had a big gap in one of the sides. But when I counted the different figures I have 5 jaguar man and 4 horse girl 0 shipwreck guy and 3 of everyone else. I can live with it but it would be nice to get at least one of each, kind of the point of buying a box
  2. I just bought a complete box of series 21 from my local lego store and there was one figure who was not in it (the shipwreck guy with crustacian). I have bought almost all of the other boxes except for a handfull and have never had this happen before that the box do not include all figures. Is this a new selling stategy from LEGO? Has anyone else experienced this? Will this be the new norm to induce scarcity?
  3. Snojd

    [MOC] Speed champions scale 2020 f1 cars

    Looks really good! Nicely done
  4. This is my first try at making a tread and posting pictures, so I hope I do it right. It all started with me making a very oldschool 2015 Sauber car out of ancient lego I found in a tray in the basement. 20190310_161317 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Later lego started making real versions of F1 cars and I remade my 2015 Sauber. 20190310_161340 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161434 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Then during the 2018 season I started making all of the teams cars and I finally finished the project, right in time for the 2019 season to begin next week The cars were made with parts available to me and might not be the perfect match, but they are good enough for me. All 10 cars 20190310_161801 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Mecedes. I made some changes mainly removing some green, which I feel are not "of the right shade" url=][/url]20190310_161821 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161842 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Ferrari. Is the official one, I think. 20190310_161900 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161913 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Red bull 20190310_161944 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_161957 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Renault 20190310_162054 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162104 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Haas 20190310_162117 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162126 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Mclaren 20190310_162525 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162536 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Force India 20190310_162756 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162810 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Sauber 20190310_162819 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162831 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Toro rosso 20190310_162851 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162910 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Williams 20190310_162920 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162928 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr On the grid. 20190310_162039 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_162617 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190310_163022 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr All of them 20190310_163203 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Some cars are a bit dusty, it was a long season and some was done way before others. I hope you will enjoy them.
  5. Snojd

    MOC All 2018 F1 cars (pic heavy)

    Thanks! Sounds great, looking forward to seeing them. There are a lot more white cars this year :)
  6. Snojd

    MOC Licensed F1 teams

    Did any of you out there notice any of these new F1 teams in the Melbourne F1 race? Lexcorp F1 team 20190319_145533 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190319_145552 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Stark Industries F1 team 20190319_145609 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190319_145620 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr Wayne Enterprises F1 team 20190319_145643 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr 20190319_145700 by Martin Hansen, on Flickr I hope you like them
  7. Snojd

    MOC All 2018 F1 cars (pic heavy)

    Thank you! Funny you should mention those two cars, they were the ones giving me the biggest headache The McLaren one made me buy a second box of the Milano and a very obscure polybag from the arctic explorer line to be able to make, and the racing india....force one! forced me to order from bricks and peaces so I could finaly make it. It arrived just a week before the premiere of the new season, lucky me! Thank you! Yes I imagine there will be alot of new and better suited parts avaliable by then Thank you! I'm glad you like it
  8. Snojd

    MOC All 2018 F1 cars (pic heavy)

    Thank you I'm not sure I have that many colors to pull of a 80's Benetton I have actually made 3 more cars but they will be posted in the licensed section shortly (Lexcorp F1 team, Stark industries F1 team and Wayne Industies F1 team). But a classic series might be fun. I was thinking of making Sennas Marlboro McLaren but was also thinking of doing a classic space blue and gray one
  9. Snojd

    MOC All 2018 F1 cars (pic heavy)

    Thank you I will check out the Netflix show for sure
  10. Snojd

    [MOC] Breakfast

    Just by the "kalles" alone I know this had to be from Sweden
  11. Snojd

    Marvel Superheroes 2015 Rumors & Discussion

    For me the main goal is to get the comic book character rather then the movie representation of that character. Some heroes and villains have been around for 60+ years and have had countless different appearances over the years. I want the Black widow not necessarily Scarlett Johansson cosplaying the Black widow. As long as I get any representation of a character I'm happy. Personally I could not care less if the tiny blue line was not in Scarlett Johansson costume in the move etc. Comic book character vs movie accurate, getting the character always wins in my book
  12. Hi all, I´ve been a long time follower of GoH, but many things have put me of from joining in. Some of the reasons are the intimidating MOCs people do , the intimidating collection of bricks people seem to own and the fact that everybody seems to be proffesional photographers and many more But I finally said to myself "what the H" it´s time I go from being a LEGO collector to being a LEGO builder and dismantel all of my humble collection and put it to good use. When september comes to an end my LEGO hobby will have a drastic uppswing when I move to my new house with a designated LEGO room and then I will build my heart out and post crappy mobile pics of blurry creations in the GoH forum There have been rumors of dragon longships heading home to the north of Mitgardia
  13. Snojd

    commodorelegolas's Weird Al Minifigures

    Sorry for the oneliner.....but......AWESOME!
  14. Great review! Not really liking the distribution, when I for once were looking forward to the goofy costume character (bumble bee girl) it only come in two! It's gonna cost me a fortune to get the Huffelpuff quidditch team
  15. Snojd

    Review: 75005 Rancor Pit

    Nice review! LEGO Sweden want 799 kr aprox $114 for this bad boy, so to sum it up "no way in a sarlacc-pit I'm gonna get my hands on this one"
  16. Snojd

    Review: 70102 Speedorz Leonidas

    Of what I have seen so far I really don't like the Chima line. This lion looks completely retarded (for a lack of a better word, no offence to retarded people). But I really need to get me some of thoose chima-wings, but I can wait a year to get them in some better set/theme :)
  17. I'm seriusly considerig to stop byeing LEGO all together. Here in Sweden the prices are ridiculus , I would not even dream of byeing from s@h way to expensive. Now I bye all my LEGO from a website who has lover prices than LEGO (altough still to expensive, like dubble US) but they dont have all sets so I'm limited to there stocklist . If LEGO is keeping this upp for much longer I'm switching to......Megablocks just to spite LEGO! (thats how mad I am!)
  18. Snojd

    Guess what I'm starting

    Sorry for the oneliner, but: Epic!
  19. Snojd


    It's bigger on the inside Great job! TARDIS blue now that would be something!
  20. Snojd

    Legends of Chima 2013

    Not so impressed, all I want is the wings for MOCing angels and demons. Not sure they will be worth bying tecnic heavy playsets to get them though.
  21. Snojd

    Contest: EB is Down

    My vote: 7. Krystel 3 points A picture says more then a 1000 words
  22. Snojd

    my 60 Custom Minifigs

    Very nice figs your sculpting is getting really good, have you ever thought about using "green stuff" for sculpting? I've heard that you can get even more details with that than sculpy. Superman is really fit with his "8 pac" and please don't take this the wrong way (your an exellent painter) but the invisable woman looks like a dude in drag, one could see why she would prefer to be invisable Keep up the good work!
  23. Snojd

    LOTR & The Hobbit 2012

    Bag end = Huffelpuff commonroom MOC here I come
  24. I am very dissaponted with this series As mentioned before, not much "new" and there are not a single figure that I want/must have/need so I will probobly not by a single one of these = good news for my wallet I might just by the alien becouse It's kind of ok though nothing new just in o different color, and I didn't want to cash out for the alien conquest series.
  25. Storm! We need more/a women of color (and I could make a Martha Jones minifig the doctor need all of his companions )