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  1. Can someone post the Amazon (US) link to the 501st battle pack and AAT? I'm not able to find it on their site, which is very strange if others have found it.
  2. Instagram has apparently blocked the hashtag "legoleaks". Anyone else seeing similar tags being removed? EDIT: it is now up again.
  3. Sportzjester

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    What did the leaked rebel trooper look like? What era, colors, helmet/hair, etc.? Additionally, it seems to have been a long time since we've had a battle pack leak,. Or am I overestimating the time gap?
  4. Have we heard about the next battle packs?
  5. We haven't heard anything recently about the retail exclusives, have we?
  6. That's very weird. What's the last non-advent calendar set that was a short release?
  7. Um, the Empire used women in their military, including direct-combat roles.... I personally am excited because I can used the head in my custom Resistance army. Flesh colored female heads are expensive in Bricklink.
  8. This was on the lego subreddit: 75197 "First Order Specialists Battle Pack" (Description includes the term “white planet”) 75200 "Ahch-To Island Training" 75206 "Battle Pack Classic" 75207 "Bp Vestas Chariot" 75208 "Yoda's Home" 75209 "Han Solo Zeus Chrot" 75210 "Cronus Chariot" 75211 "Fury" 75212 "Pegasus" 75534 "Darth Vader" 75535 "Han Solo" 75536 "Han Solo Trooper" 75537 "Darth Maul" 41602 "Confidential Brickheadz" 41603 "Confidential Brickheadz" 41608 "Brickheadz Conf Bh" 41609 "Brickheadz Conf Bh"
  9. Can you say (not link) the name of that FB page?
  10. Sportzjester

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    I hope I can post this without being taken as 'off-topic.'But I'd love to see a First Order Scout/Bike Trooper be made in lego. Scout Troopers are an amazingly molded figure in Lego and with the First Order having few designs (compared to Clones or OT Empire). Heck, it would've been a much better figure than the re-colored Shore Trooper or the Stormtrooper with the extra ammo pouch.
  11. Sportzjester

    Future Star Wars Sets

    In the Rebel Alliance Battle Pack, we received two alien figures (one being a molded Rodian). Does the community believe that TLG will introduce any additional aliens in Star Wars sets in the near future (especially in BPs)?
  12. Is the FO Tie Pilot the special forces pilot from Kylo's new ship? That pilot has two red stripes on a slightly bulkier helmet compared to the FO Pilot we got earlier.
  13. Sportzjester

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Have we heard anything about more Rogue One sets? Or are we completely past that window for set releases?
  14. I believe the preliminary information was that one was a Tattoine Battle Pack (3 of a combination of jawas and tusked raiders, and an astromech droid) and the other was a prequel set with at least one of the more obscure Jedis.
  15. Sportzjester

    LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Leak is titled "ALL"; does this mean that there are no BP or Minifighters?