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    MOC - Rugrats Reptar Wagon

    Hi all! I have always had a love for Rugrats, religiously watching it as I grew up. The one piece of Rugrats media that always invoked the most joy and more recently nostalgia is the Rugrats movie. I always loved the Rpetar Wagon so I took a stab at designing it: Let me know what you think! If you really like it please support it on Lego Ideas :
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    Hello my name is CCWolffe3636 which is a reference to Clone Commander Wollfe, CC 3636 for you Star Wars the Clone Wars fans. I am a massive fan of Star Wars and I particularly enjoy Star Wars the Clone Wars and the Star Wars: Republic comics. I'm currently a student hoping to become a software developer of some kind. I hope to share some MOCS and Brickfilms in the not to distant future! Thanks for reading!