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  1. Hippocampe

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think a school or a little hospital could stand on their own; why not after all: it’s been a while since TH, PC and FB. A school in particular, since the theme hasn’t been approached yet in the Modular universe. A museum also could be a good choice, but I think an hospital or school are more basic or ABC (no pun intended...) in a little city
  2. This serie will be launch on April 1st as I read; isn’t it unusual ? Is there a possibility that we’ll have 4 series this year ?
  3. I’m 100 % with you - just looking at all your ideas for CMF, I can’t believe that the Lego designers are lacking inspiration for new themes ...
  4. Hippocampe

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    Yes, give us some more trees ! We had the latest sets with a car, a truck that are adding a notable amount of pieces that could be used elsewhere. Even though I love my car in the real life, I wish to create here the perfect little cozy town with parks, nice places to contemplate interesting architecture with several retail stores / commerces with plenty of things to do Some people are complaining about the 8 studs of greenery left behind each modular, well this patch can be used to create an interior court with the many balconies overlooking it, a parking for the cars, etc...
  5. Hippocampe

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Really love the exterior architecture: next to PR, PS and even MS for the dutch influence, it will complete a residential section of my city. The colors are full of life, different from some other modulars, well like a city should be: plenty of variety, distinctive features by quarters, different eras, personalization ! A book store wasn’t the theme I was wishing for, but the exterior ensemble works well for me and the town hall looks so cosy ! A nice gift to get for January 2nd (in my country anyway !)
  6. Hippocampe

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The same for me concerning the addiction, a constructive one I might add ! I wish for the inside variety (school, hospital), but if it is anything else as a theme, at least some classic and building with plenty of ornaments for the wow factor would be a good compensation
  7. Hippocampe

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    We’re a little jumpy... I’m wondering if the strategy to unreveal the set so late before the commercial releasing is a good idea Apart from the industrial espionnage reason, a little earlier would allow buyers some time for the budget, ideas of customizing, daydreaming... Also, some time to get acquainted to: for the last 2-3 years, the models didn’t grew on me right away, but after reading the forum here, and seeing the modular again and again before availability, I just couldn’t resist ! right now, it’s just a little frustrating... Bravo for the secrecy Lego
  8. Hippocampe

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I hope it is not a bookstore for other reasons; I don’t see much of a challenge or interest for the interior. Shelves and shelves again, cashier, tables for the display of books that are quite rectangular in shape... quite monotonous for my taste if it has to be a bookstore, I hope the exterior will offer some compensation with spectacular architecture, on the more ancient side I still hope for a school, a hospital or a media center (newspaper room +radio/television station) !
  9. I’m quite satisfied with this serie: I think I will easily buy 8 or 9 in the lot even though many people in this forum consider that there are too many « city figures » and that they could be included in City sets instead (the fire woman for example), well the fact is that in City sets (which I don’t buy much) and Modulars (for which I’m a HUGE fan) don’t always have enough of those specific figures (for instance - in Fire Brigade: not much of a real firefighter in uniform); so I take advantage of the CMF series to « bonify » my Modular environment. Also, the CMF are inevitably more detailed than the minifigures included in sets. I agree that the ratio city figures vs monsters vs fantasy vs pirates vs costumes vs castle etc could be more equilibrated - for instance, not more than 4 « city figures » per serie (that would be good for my wallet... !) That way, a larger part of this forum would find their interest in each collection what do you think ? I can’t wait for September 1st !
  10. Hippocampe

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The question is : who buys the Modulars ? Who is the main target « user » ? Are they mainly used for display or for playing time ? The answer to that may lead us towards the future building themes...
  11. I think I will buy many minifig from that serie to populate my city; I read many complaints: we all have our « agenda » or idea of what we would like in the future series; like many others wrote, I’m not a big fan of monsters, costume guys, licensed series but even then, I’m always surprised that I finally end up to get some of those I thought I didn’t care at first... long live to CMF !
  12. Hippocampe

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I wish for an hospital or a school - absolute necessities but how about a media center ? Our city deserves the latest news ! the first floor could be a television station with all the cameramen and the crew, decor, show host and his/her desk and couch for guests, loges for artists and makeup, etc the second floor could be a radio station - that could remind us a little bit of the recording studio above the Diner at the third floor, there could be a meteorological center with maps, consoles, computers, globes, antennas, etc one of the floors could be also a newspaper room
  13. Where did you see the gingerbread woman ? I have quite an interest in her
  14. I agree with the commentaries above about some saturation with the costume theme. Some people mentioned their hopes of having historical theme (castle, pirates): I will add some real historical theme (Renaissance, medieval time, or a Beefeater for example). I collect Minifig with a food theme to advertise in front of my Green Grocer, but they’re actually collectively bigger then the store itself...
  15. How about a Dalmatian with his fireman/woman, a bird of prey with a falconer, a zookeeper with his hippopotamus, a young cavalier with a poney (after all, they must fit in those tiny bags... ) I always wanted a Dalmatian to make a better fit with my Fire Brigade. So cliché ! A nice trend could be the national animal / bird of countries: the bald eagle for the USA, the cock for France, the beaver for Canada, etc