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  1. This is the link to my flick account.
  2. Yes ist has. It is dependent from the angle between the first and second section of the bus. It is also called forced steering, I think. Only liftarms, axles and Axle Connector Double Flexible (Rubber). Yes it is a little bit slow. At this time, I have several ideas but no time...
  3. Hello, in autumn 2017 I finished my truck with trailer and I planned to build a bus. Not even a normal service bus. I planned an articulated Bus like the Mercedes Bus CapaCityL. The result should be so realistic as possibly (in according with the possibility that ist to build with only technic bricks). Very important were the following requirements: front and rear axle as independent axle low floor controls bei IR suspension on all axles kneeling only lego parts!!! After a lot of prototypes I finished the bus in beginn of summer this year. The bus has a length of 130 cm and a weight of 6,6 kg. It is driven by 2 L-Motors on the third axle. The motors are in the rear on the left side above to each other. It has 1 L-Motor for 2 pneumatic pumps in the rear under the seats for the kneeling on every axle and the the swinging doors. It is controlled by IR. The power supply I installed only 1 battery-pack. From the front up to he back the bus has the low floor. I'm very proud auf the result especially the folding bellows I build only with lego bricks. The only part isn't Lego is the hose for all the pneumatic. :-( I needed app. 18 m of the hose. Videolink:
  4. Everything is ok. I like it! Wish you a nice weekend.
  5. My right name is Steffen Kroll. Maybe I can do this tomorrow, when I have more time to write and to collect good pictures.
  6. Hello everybody, I also built an articulated bus. I was inspired by the Mercedes Benz CapaCityL I saw on a youtube video and when I visited Hamburg right there. Then I saw this threat and I will also show you my bus. On follow video link you can see the final result. Lego CapaCityL yours Steffen
  7. What a great Project. It reminds me to my childhood. I used the similar in GDR to reach the "kindergarten". After all the good memories, I started als a LEGO- Articulated Bus. Its a Mercedes Benz CapaCity L.
  8. krolli

    Scania R730 6x2

    After some test with the whole elctrical Equipment, the front axle wann't strong enough for the weight. So I have to redesign the axle. So I have to excuse. I'll take pictures, when I have a new front axle. Steffen
  9. krolli

    Scania R730 6x2

    Gentlemen you are so right! The Truck was planned and built as a low deck or lowliner truck. It is difficult to built with all the technical features. That is the reason, because the rear wheels are not covered! I say thank you for the positive feedback. I hope that I can spend some time on next weekend to fix some issues, male some more pictures and a video! Steffen
  10. krolli

    Scania R730 6x2

    First of all I'd like to say thank you for the positive feedback. What does it mean: prepare some blueprints? I don't understand this. M-longer: You are right. There are to less pictures of the truck. As I wrote I'm not finish yet. I expect the delievery for several parts for the power function from Lego in these days and then I can finish the Scania to (maybe) 95 %. All your inputs about the shape I recognized and when I'm back from my business trip I will do my very best for better shaping the Scania. Yes, the front wheels and the second axle have enough space for steering and for the suspension. In my first introduction I forgot the mechanical systems to describe. During planing and building the Scania for me it was very important to have a suspension for all axles like the real trucks. So I installed on all three axles rigid axles with suspension. While driving there is nothing draging, not during steering, not during using the Suspension and steering. I'm very proud of this result! Pleas explain your marks to the blueprint. I'm a little bit insecure, what does it mean.
  11. Hallo everybody, after reading all the time in this forum I want to introduce my not in all details finished Scania R730 6x2. For driving the Scania uses the Lego xl-motor. For steering the first and second achses I use the servo-motor. For the movement of the pistons in the fake v8-engine the Scania uses a l-motor. For all I use a rc! The batteriebox is in the back of the cabin, which I can lift. In the back of the Scania I installed an automatically closing clutch for trailer. Steffen