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  1. Same problem on Windows with Chrome, IE11, on Mac with Chrome, Firefox and Safari, on Android with Chrome and on iOS with Safari....
  2. @daniel77: nice video to show the functions! Is there a specific reason, that you did not go for the latest PDK Unit with the rubber bands inside of the unit? Did the drivetrain and shifting run smoothly from the get-go or did you have to tweak anything?
  3. Just ordered all the parts... Incredible build and thanks for the instructions! Can't wait to start building.
  4. I did not really find which of the gears was causing the friction but somehow it seems that removing the rear axle and motor for changing the 2 pin friction "clutch" to 2x 2L axles fixed the problem. The gearbox is running smoother now. Last thing to do is installing the lockable doors mod and changing the vertical plate fixing.
  5. @Didumos69: thank you very much for your detailed answer! I will try locating the gears(s) putting the friction in the system. Building your version with all the modifications really gives a better understanding of all the workings of the model. The shifter unit and the 90° lock is really ingenious. Thanks again for your work! I will post how it went.
  6. @Didumos69& @Tecon: finally I finished the build... I used only Ldd. Sadly there is still too much friction in gearbox somewhere or the 2 blue pins in the sleeve so not create enough friction to lock the rear axle to the gearbox. I triple checked all the gears, but still no luck. Any ideas? Would locking up the axle with 2 axles instead of the pins cause any harm? The paddle shifter unit and the steering hog work fine. Also the shifting hog works most of the time (I didn't make the change to the vertical panel though)
  7. There you go (from the original post of @aefferen):
  8. @aefferen: Thanks a lot... I already had a look at your manual. Nice work! Hopefully I can continue building this weekend and then I see the lockable doors solution that you included.
  9. @Tecon Since I also wanted to implement the "closing doors mod" I made a bricklink parts list from this video that was posted in this thread. The video is quite easy to follow to get the instructions on how to build the mechanism. If you like, I can send you the list @brickhankThank you for the quick reply! So far I had the model open not only in LDD but also in LDCad to find out which parts are missing when there is a gap left in the instructions generated by LDD. This way I was at least able to build as far as decribed above. Your approach seems a lot more reasonable. If I find the time, I'll try it this way this evening...
  10. Finally I received all parts to build the ultimate version... I started yesterday and ended up disassembling everything but the body and the motor. While it does somewhat work, using the LDD to create the building steps is really a pain, since the order in which the automatic building manual function arranges the steps does not work most of the time. I already tried exporting the Ultimate version to Ldraw (using the latest ldraw.xml found here) but since there is no stepping and even the subgroups don't translate to the ldr-file, I can't make a building manual any other way. Using the LDD manual I already build the steering / shifting unit, parts of the underlying frame and the beginning of the front axle. Is there a possibility to create (better) working instructions or has anybody, that already build the ultimate version, a few tips on how to approach the build?
  11. After about 10 years of abstinence, I bought the third technics set in my life (guess which one ;-)). Sadly it took me only a few days to build and only when I finished it, I had the idea of searching for fixes for the gearbox issue. When I found this thread, I almost instantly made accounts on rebrickable, bricklink and here, downloaded the parts list for the ultimately playable version of the Porsche and ordered the parts. Since I am new to LDD, could anyone give me a few tipps how to use the LDD-Model Didumos69 supplied to get the modifications started? Is there a way to create building instructions from it or a recommended order in which to apply the changes to the model? I already made the mini mod from the Hispabrick Video to make the body removable and also ordered the parts to make the doors closeable, but other than that anything is still build as to the manual. btw... I am just stunned about how sophisticated the lego community and the infrastructure for MOCs is. Special thanks to you didumos69 for doing all the work and supplying your changes to the porsche for free. I can only imagine how much thought and experimenting went into creating all these changes.