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  1. Thank you for all your kind words! I completely agree that tiles would have been preferable for the platform, I just didn't have enough brown tiles. The ground could have used some more work as well, but I had to rush it to meet the deadline. I probably would have been able to work in some more SNOT into the display, but I kinda just needed a big-@$$ gate for the creature to emerge from, so the plain studs-up Classic Castle style seemed like the most efficient solution. I'll definitely try some more SNOT techniques in the future, though.
  2. Oikonomikos

    **Book II Challenge V Official Announcment**

    Entrance for cat B:
  3. As the first of the creatures emerged from the gate of the War Academy of Petraea, we knew that the rumours had been true: the War Academy had not only managed to capture a herd of the legendary Donderbeests from the jungles of the island of Gorr, they had also succeeded in taming them! With this new addition to the proud Kaliphlin army, the tides of war were sure to turn. The Donderbeest has near-indestructible natural armour, and is equipped with an assault platform from where soldiers can fire arrows and throw M'ul-Ataw Cocktails filled with flammable Black Oil at the enemy. Just the creature and its crew: The gate of the War Academy, with its coat of arms: This is my first real MOC as an AFOL, so comments and criticism are welcome, but be gentle. Apologies for the rubbish photography, but this was the best I could do with the light I had.
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    Book II - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    I hereby sign up for Kaliphlin - haven't had the time to make a proper sig fig yet, but I want to join to be able to participate in Cat B of the latest challenge.
  5. Oikonomikos

    pirate island

    I really like the rockwork, simple yet effective. The shacks are also very nice, but I'm not too keen on the palmtree with eight leaves, it looks way too symmetric to be natural.
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    Hi guys!

    Hi! A new member from Sweden here, on my way to AFOL-ness. I am an old Castle and Pirate fan who recently started building with my 4yo son after ~25 years of absence from LEGO, and it was so much fun that I've been buying more LEGO for myself than for him... I'm looking forward to amassing enough bricks and time to be able to post some MOCs of my own soon.
  7. Oikonomikos

    Ouskirts of Khadira (Freebuild)

    Great build for such limited resources. I absolutely love the use of old school pirate minifigs!