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  1. Praetorian_

    [MOC] Forum of Augustus - Roman Imperial Fora

    Thank you for you support. Minifigs of the legionnaires are printed on lego pieces, the design has been reworked from the original lego series 6 to be able to print them on all sides. the arms come from the figure of Robin from the series 2 Batman Movie. the male and female figures are now made with stickers, but even those will be printed on original lego pieces.
  2. Praetorian_

    [MOC] Forum of Augustus - Roman Imperial Fora

    thank you all for your compliments. here are some photos with the minifigs
  3. Praetorian_

    [MOC] Forum of Augustus - Roman Imperial Fora

    My purpose isto reproduce the entire area of the imperial Fora, so the next step will be to join this Forum with the Forum of Nerva, to do this I will have to complete the porch around the Forum of Augustus
  4. Praetorian_

    [MOC] Forum of Augustus - Roman Imperial Fora

    The setup for skaerbaek 2018 is ready, only the minifigures are missing
  5. Hello This is a wip of second part of my Roman Imperial Fora reconstruction project. I completed the Temple of Mars Ultor (avenger), which the Emperor August built as a tribute for the victory over the assassins of Julius Caesar. The temple consists of more than 40.000 pieces, the dimensions are about 60x100 cm, (each column consists of more than 380 elements). I used many different techniques and spent a lot of time studying the details, to give the idea of the grandeur of the building in the best way possible. I also recreated the inside of the temple, where the war trophies of Roman Legion were kept. Each trophy is different from the other. At each side of the temple there are two triumphal arches dedicated to Drusus Minor and Germanicus, son and nephew of Tiberius. I am currently planning the statue of worship that was placed in the apse and I'm collecting the pieces to make the huge square that stood in front of the temple The last step will be the realization of the portico that will allow to join this Forum to the Forum of Nerva, already realized, in order to create a unique diorama This image gives an idea of how the diorama will appear Thanks for looking. Any comments/feedback welcomed
  6. Praetorian_

    Medieval town

    these buildings haven't interiors, maybe the main keep will have
  7. Praetorian_

    Medieval town

    Hi all this is the first part of my medieval project, actually 6x3 48x48 baseplate. I hope you like it. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  8. Praetorian_

    Rome - Forum of Nerva - 962 A.D.

    Thank you all for your appreciation ... For sure I will continue to realize both the ancient and the medieval age
  9. Here my last moc. I love the idea of displaying the flow of time so i build this moc based on my diorama of the Roman forum of Nerva. The Diorama represents the Emperor Otto I visiting the Roman Imperial Fora Area during his stay in Rome, when he was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope John XII in the year 962. Soon i will add other parts :) In the realization of the moc I was inspired by this image. Thanks for looking, C&C welcome
  10. Praetorian_

    [MOC] Halls of Thranduil

    I saw this moc in Skaerbaek, an absolute masterpiece
  11. Praetorian_

    Forum of Nerva - Roman Imperial Forum

    The statues are normal white minifig with custom stikers
  12. Praetorian_

    Forum of Nerva - Roman Imperial Forum

    I worked on this moc for about six months, soon it will be ready the Temple of Mars. The square and the porch will be completed in 2018 The most complicated part was definitely the Porticus Absidata, which has a double curvature, and it was not easy the design of the capitals and the floor of the temple
  13. Hello This is The Forum of Nerva, my first MOC and the first step of a larger project that will include the reconstruction of all Imperial Fora of the Ancient Rome. In the Forum you will find The temple of Minerva on the Western End, and the Temple of Janus at the center of the square. On the East End there are three openings on the Roman Forum with a triumphal arch, and a scene with legionaries standing in formation in front of the Emperor. Behind the Temple of Minerva there is also the monumental entrance at the Imperial Fora, an exedra porticata called Porticus Absidata. At this time i'm working on my new project, the forum of Augustus, but I also plan to set the interior of the temple of Janus and to create roman citizens minifigures. Thanks for looking Any comments/feedback/suggestion welcomed