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  1. [MOD] 7181 UCS TIE Interceptor

    This is my friend fine Tie Interceptor :) Good work! Any idea about parts count?
  2. Tie round cockpit help

    You can use any Tie Fighter model design out there. Just skip the wings part from both sides and you're ok :)
  3. I really like your collection - I was thinking what should I do next after building Interceptor and Defender - Automated Starfighter looks like a great project to complete the set ;) Great work! I really like the red eye :)
  4. [MOC][UCS?] TIE/D Defender

    Yes, you can use some parts from TIE Fighter, but not enough to justify buying 75095 to be a donor :)
  5. [MOC][UCS?] TIE/D Defender

    Yes, it's slightly modified 75095 stand - I've changed only mounting part as it's kinda different now :) I'm working on fixed and polished LXF file. I will post it here, I just cannot give you any deadline :|
  6. [MOC][UCS?] TIE/D Defender

    Sure thing, just got to clean it up a bit and I'll post LXF. Got no idea how to create human readable instructions :)
  7. [MOC][UCS?] TIE/D Defender

    Hehe :) I did :)
  8. [MOC][UCS?] TIE/D Defender

    Hi there, To my surprise, 3 layered plates weights closely the same as solid ones. This is like 30'ish version of the wings, happens to be the best I come up so far having in mind that Defender has lots of wings displayed at weird angles, so not Tie Fighter/Interceptor 'looking at the one side' way :) Is for the mining wheel, I was browsing different 'engines' around LDD to use instead TIE Fighter original one as it wasn't ok for Defender - and this one was the best :) (this time only 9 engines happened before this one).
  9. Hi there, I've seen some nice work done around here, so I decided to share my part ;) I've been working on TIE/D Defender for some time now. It's based on the very same cockpit concept as original lego Tie Fighter (id: 79095). Model has ~2400 bricks (+around 100 for a stand) and believe me or not it's quite sturdy :) It's scaled to be displayed next to Tie Fighter 79095 UCS. I cannot post images here, so here is a link to some renders: Cheers and let me know what do you think.
  10. Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    Hi Raskolnikov, Instruction is great, just had couple troubles reading it but mostly due to my way of building models :) I'm made some screenshots with some description, have fun :D Thx again for the best model I had pleasure to build!
  11. Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    Hell yeah! Just finished this beauty. Build was surprisingly fast to build considering amount of details and blocks. Thx for amazing redesign and detailed manual :) [there were several errors thou, and misleading steps - I was using latest pdf]